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DIY Scented Sea Glass

OK, so you’ve probably gathered by now that I’m a semi-obsessive home scenter, but as much as I love candles, they’re not always ideal – when entertaining large, multi-child-inclusive crowds, for example, open flames aren’t particularly advisable. As a flame-free alternative to keeping your home smelling lovely, potpourri works…but if the nuts-and-dried-flowers thing isn’t exactly in line with your aesthetic, how about something a little prettier and more modern-looking?

I’ve posted a couple of times about my black lava rock potpourri, and the other day reader Heather asked for a more affordable alternative. At your service! I made this scented rock potpourri with sea glass, but any unscented (porous) rocks would work, and you can find lots of options at craft stores. Just dye them whatever color you like, add the fragrance of your choice, and put them in a pretty container (I especially like the idea of a rustic iron container like Mad et Len’s), and presto: a perfumed home for just pennies.

make seaglass potpourri

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 1.01.44 PM

What You Need:

1 bag unscented sea glass (or rock crystals)

1 teaspoon liquid glycerin

2 teaspoons essential oil (I chose lavender)

Food coloring or candle dye

Large jar or plastic bag for mixing

Baking sheet lined with foil

diy scented seaglass

What You Do:

1. In your jar or plastic bag, combine the rocks and glycerin, and shake to coat (this allows the dye and scent to distribute evenly).

2. Add the fragrance and a couple of drops of dye, and shake until the dye is evenly distributed. Leave in the jar for 24 hours, shaking every few hours.

3. Pour the rocks out onto the baking sheet lined with foil, and let dry.

diy seaglass potpourri

P.S. These make excellent and affordable gifts or wedding favors – just package them in jam jars and tie a little ribbon or twine around the lid.

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