The Best Thing About Newborns

Well, there are lots of “best things.” Newborns are pretty wonderful. And extremely cute.

But you know how everyone (myself included) sort of panics going into parenthood? Envisioning sleepless nights and disastrous days of diapers and spills and no showers ever again, ever? At the very beginning, at least, it’s not actually like that. And sure, I’ve done this once before, but still: I’d totally forgotten what it’s like for the first couple of weeks after you bring a new baby home. In the days leading up to Goldie’s birth I stockpiled food and prepped posts and cleared out my schedule as if I wasn’t going to have a single second to breathe, let alone function like an actual human being until, like, 2018…but that brings me to that fantastic thing about newborns:

They sleep.

Like, all the time. So much that you wish they’d wake up, because they’re adorable and you miss them.

I feel rested! (Or at least not miserably exhausted.) I can’t believe it, either.

What that’s meant is that I’ve spent the past week feeling sort of…

on vacation.

It’s very weird.

But also so great. All that frantic advance preparation I did turned out to not really be necessary, but I’m still so happy I did it, because it freed me up enough to actually spend some of our last few days in California…relaxing.

And I am not a relaxing-type person.

In the mornings, I take care of calls and write scripts and prep posts while the baby naps, but every afternoon we sit together in the sun by the pool and I read and read and read. Two days ago, I took Goldie to the nail salon and she slept through a manicure…and yesterday? She snoozed through an eyelash fill (I know, I said I wasn’t going to get them filled; they are amazing and I love them and I couldn’t help it).

It’s all very awesome, and it also won’t likely happen again for a long, long time, so believe me: I’m appreciating every single minute of this peaceful little bubble I’ve found myself in at the moment.

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