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Earlier this week I got to hang out with Rebecca Budig and J.D. Roberto over at BetterTV and talk getting out with a baby and the Ramshackle Glam book. I wore the same thing I wore last time I appeared on the show (a draped, melon-colored Michael Kors), but that’s okay; it looks slightly different on me nowadays. Segment coming up next week!

I want to be best friends with this awesome flight agent.

Lololol at this Brief Moment Of Lucidity Called Panic Attack (via

This stunning maillot proves that covered-up beachwear can still be super-sexy.

You have to check out this incredible story of a young man who survived a gang shooting.

Are you on Goodreads?? Me too! Would love to connect with you so we can share book recommendations (and if you’ve read Ramshackle Glam and are in the mood to leave a review, it would mean the world to me 🙂 ).

Francesca Vannucci

My beautiful BFF Francesca is not only the only person ever in the world who has photographed that gorgeously in direct sunlight, but is also making our Friday better by having released some brand-new music (a preview of the this summer’s album!).

I am not going to splurge on these. NOT. (OK I might.)

Kendrick bought me this book before we even knew we were having a girl, and it’s just the most wonderful thing ever. If you have a girl, or are a girl, or know a girl…you need to own this.

A glam gold bowl makes a gorgeous (and affordable…and useful) addition to your coffee table or vanity.

These little boys’ New Balance sneakers are so retro and amazing. Love.

Ooh, look! Knockoffs of those amazing mirrored blue RayBans. Yay.

This rundown of Things You Should Know About Life With A Toddler had me on the floor. Even if you don’t have kids…if you’ve ever been around them, you’ll think it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever read.

Ever wondered how much to tip the delivery guy, your tattoo artist, or a stripper…or questioned whether you’re an above-average tipper or just a plain old “decent” one? This tipping guide is phenomenal.

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