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🙂 Starting a new project! (I was going to hold off a few more weeks to start so I could do either a pink or a blue explosion, but I fell so in love with this rainbow wool – mine is #7824 – that I couldn’t wait.) Want to knit along with me? This is a fun, easy pattern.

🙂 Looking for an awesome, classic everyday watch for an also-awesome price? Here you go.

🙂 Kendrick told me a couple of days ago that when I am pregnant, I am like the nice and evil Gollums having a conversation with themselves. That sounds about right.

🙂 ZOMG am I ever excited about a partnership I have coming up with a certain beauty company of which I have been a fan for eons. So excited that I just said ZOMG.

🙂 Serious question: Am I incapable of listening to “Let It Go” (from the Frozen soundtrack) without bawling because of the hormones, or because it’s legitimately the best song in the world? (You can click up there to give it a listen if you haven’t already seen the movie a bazillion times because you too have a small roommate who is obsessed with snowmen. Sorry about the huge space; I am apparently embedding-deficient.)

🙂 This essay on being a stay-at-home-mom is pretty freaking funny.

🙂 You know those navy Alice & Olivia bellbottoms that I wear in about 40% of my fashion posts, because they are – in my opinion – kind of perfect? I haven’t been able to find them anywhere online, but these flares from the Gap are pretty damn close (and just $45).

🙂 Launching today: Sarah Boyd’s collection for Capwell & Co. All of the pieces are priced under $100, and proceeds benefit The Farley Project (an anti-bullying organization). Check it out here!

🙂 Thanks to IFB for including me in this piece on whether bloggers “live” the trends or “set” the trends (guess which side I was on?).

🙂 These hand-painted wall-hangings that my friend Rebecca posted over on her home decor blog, 511 Ever After, are the sweetest things ever. Must-make.

🙂 Look at the price of this, and then read the customer reviews. Morning = made. (Thanks, Morgan.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 7.29.54 PM

🙂 I love this Amy Poehler quote.

🙂 Want to hop into spring looking like you just stepped out of 1972? I do, too. So I bought this fantastic thing.

🙂 I’m not in maternity clothing land yet, but when I am…tell me these jeans are not amazing, pregnant or no. It’s like you’re wearing thigh-high boots, but without the having-to-wear-thigh-high boots part. Sold.

jordan reid fashion

🙂 Click here to read my Q&A with designer Amber Kane (I’m wearing one of her scarves, above), where I talk serious stage fright, crazy fashion choices, and taking off your clothes.

🙂 This video is of a penguin slipping on ice, and his friends responding with an adorable sound. Please go watch it.

P.S. All the smiley faces are because I’m headed to San Francisco to see Morgan right this very moment. So: :).

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