Lions And Tigers And Bears

autumn leaves

I can’t remember ever having been to the Bronx Zoo, which seems odd: I mean, it’s literally a 15 minute-drive away from where we live. Maybe half an hour from where I grew up.

I think it’s because I’m not really a “zoo” person – I think they’re fun for about thirty seconds, after which I get dusty and start to feel sick from the whole monkey-smell thing, and the water is too expensive and plus: my feet hurt. (Zoos make my feet hurt instantly, in anticipation of the volume of walking that will have to be completed by the trip’s end.)

Not the Bronx Zoo. First of all, no monkey-smell, which is nice. The water is still too expensive, but it’s really more like a stroll through a beautiful college campus that happens to have polar bears wandering around on it.

zoo 2

Look at my little fluffhead. (That’s called “MOM THAT IS A PEACOCK LET ME DOWN.”)

zoo 1

See? Peacock.

zoo 5

Look closely at this photograph. And now imagine my reaction when I discovered those really very not funny Halloween decorations hanging over my head while wandering down a peaceful pathway, and add ten thousand.

zoo 4

(Our visit came to an abrupt end mid-walk to the monorail. Next time.)

P.S. If you’re in the area and planning a trip to the Bronx Zoo, a word of advice: I hear that if you’re planning to do more than one trip in a given year a membership (which gets you a year’s worth of admission for two adults, children up to age 18, and a guest, plus free parking and access to all special attractions), it basically pays for itself.

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