J. Crew Baby: As Adorable As You’d Imagine

I spent yesterday morning at the launch of the J.Crew Baby collection, and yes: it is absolutely as adorable as you’d imagine.

A lot of it is of the luxe-gift persuasion (think cashmere sweaters with little fox-ears on the hood), but there are also lots of more practical (and equally cute) staples: sweet footed onesies and polka-dot hats, teeny-tiny moccasins, and a black-and-white striped dress with a tutu skirt that is such a cute blend of tiny fashionista and just plain tiny that I can’t stand it. (It makes me extremely grateful that I do not have a little girl, because were that the case I would be out the price of one striped dress with a tutu skirt at this very minute.)

j crew baby the dude sweater

Now, for real: this might be my favorite baby sweater that I have ever seen ever. It’s not online until the last week of October (in stores in November), but that date is already calendared in my phone, because a) I feel quite strongly that my son probably needs to own this particular item; and b) I also feel quite strongly that it will sell out in approximately six seconds.

hello sunshine

Some more favorites from the collection:

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