Hostess Gifts For The Holidays

It’s just about that time of year again, and for many people the holidays are all about travel. In cars. Very far distances. With babies and dogs. (Last year’s road trip to Ohio actually went pretty smoothly; Indy slept through about 80% of it. He was also five weeks old at the time, and five-week-olds sleep a lot. We leave on Wednesday; we’ll see how it goes this time around.)

Whether you’re spending a night or a week with friends or family, it’s always nice to bring along a little something to show your appreciation for their hospitality. And while a bottle of wine is certainly more than OK, sometimes it’s nice to bring your host or hostess something a little different.

So: let’s talk Hostess Gift Ideas!

1. This slate cheese plate is just too cool, and if you bring along a couple of interesting, aged cheeses (and the aforementioned bottle of wine) your hosts can put it to work immediately, which is always fun.

2. Everybody loves being given new beauty products to play with, and an assortment of Simple Skincare cleansers and moisturizers (pictured above, three personal favorites: Cleansing Facial Wipes, Eye Makeup Remover, and Refreshing Facial Wash Gel) is a fail-safe crowd-pleaser: they’re formulated especially for sensitive skin, so they’re guaranteed to be gentle while providing a healthy dose of beauty-boosting vitamins.

3. For the Artistic Organizer: a selection of fabric pinwheel push pins that make even the most tedious to-do list fun to peruse.

4. I’m a big fan of DIY Hostess Gifts, and especially love the idea of making your own body scrub. (Click here for some how-to tips.)

5. Everyone loves things that make their home smell amazing. Two of my favorite home-scenting products: J.R. Watkins Green Tea & Aloe products and Archipelago diffusers.

6. And finally, something with a little sparkle for the Glam Entertainer in your life. How gorgeous is this gold feather serving tray?

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