Nursery: Before And After

The nursery was the first room we set up, for two reasons:

1) Moving with a baby is extremely stressful, both for logistical reasons (it is extremely hard to move, and much extremely harder to move with a very small person in tow), and for emotional reasons (you want so much for your child to feel safe and cared for generally, and moving comes with so many non-safe things that the second it becomes possible to provide him or her with a little haven to retire to, you want to make that happen).

2) It was easy. Even though this room is fairly compact (all the rooms in our house, which dates back to 1900, are on the small side), I already had a space-saving nursery setup thanks to my Office-to-Nursery Makeover last summer, so we didn’t need to buy anything at all, really (we also threw in a mini-storage-unit-turned-toybox and bookshelf that used to live in our kitchen; our new kitchen has plenty of built-in storage, so we didn’t need those pieces there).

The after…after the jump.

And here’s the result! My plan is to strip that wallpaper (I’m sprucing up the peeling spots in the meantime) and repaint, but I’m happy with how the space looks so far.

My favorite thing about this room – and about most of the rooms in our house – is that it’s full of light. I’m used to having at least one or two interior rooms that have no windows at all – in our last place, the office/nursery, bathroom, living room and water closet were all windowless – so having multiple windows in every single room in the house feels like a crazy luxury.

(I’m being totally uncreative about my window treatments and going for white sheers from top to bottom, because I just love the look: it feels so breezy and pretty.)

This is Dolly (my favorite toy when I was a little girl and a recent hand-me-down).

Mozart and Beethoven were gifts from Dad (they’re being kept up high until they’re no longer in danger of going into little mouths).

This is the Animal Friends corner. From left to right, we have: Smush the Bear, George, Buddy the Bunny, Archimedes ScarfCat, and Chompers.

The blanket on the left is the baby blanket my mom knitted for me when I was born; the rainbow one on the right is the one I made (instructions are here).

To Do: 

– Install tie-backs for curtains.

– Strip wallpaper and repaint walls. Any color suggestions?


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