Flowers In Your Hair

Well, this is different! I’ve never done anything even remotely like this, style-wise, but our rockabilly-themed shoot was the perfect opportunity to take some retro hair and makeup for a spin.

Above, the fabric panels that sub in for wallpaper at Otto’s Shrunken Head, on East 14th Street.

(An excellent, inexpensive way to do up your walls if you’re afraid of losing your security deposit; more ideas for covering up an ugly wall here.)

I think this would be a great wedding look.

So how do you get it?

In short, you use a curling iron to make inward-facing pin curls all over your head, and then let them set before unpinning and sweeping to one side with a flower pin…but I’ve asked Ansley, our (as you can see) tremendously talented intern, to do a tutorial for you guys. Coming up!

Beauty-wise, the keys here are:

1. Major false eyelashes (those are from MAC) – go for a full strip (you’ll probably need to trim them just a touch to fit), and apply mascara to blend them into your real lashes after the glue has set.

2. MAC Russian Red lipstick: it’s a perfect matte brick red that looks great on everyone.

The bar at Otto’s Shrunken head…

…and one of their specialty cocktails. (They require a $5 deposit if you’d like your drink served up in one of those glasses…but if you leave the cash you’re welcome to leave with a glass, which is obviously the way to go. I kind of need a set of those myself.)

Segment wardrobe: Rebecca Taylor (dress), Betsey Johnson (shoes), Sisco Berluti (blue bangle).

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