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Harem Pants / Yes Or No?

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The trick: let your pants be the star of the show, and keep everything else super, super simple (a plain tank, maybe a boyfriend blazer, and simple gold hoops, and 100% definitely don't even think about wearing flats). Read More »

Double The Wardrobe, Double The Love

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I am a frequent wearer of everything in my husband’s closet, from his t-shirts to his blazers to yes, even his underthings (very cozy – and sorta oddly sexy – sleepwear). If you’ve got a willing co-habitant of the male persuasion, I advise you to get rummaging in his drawers... Read More »

What I Learned From Showgirls

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I’ve taken home a lot of lasting lessons from the cinematic masterpiece Showgirls: that a heavy eye paired with a heavy lip can be just right in certain situations... Read More »

In Defense Of Pigtails

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I get a lot of flack for my pigtail-wearing ways. Like rompers (which I also am strongly in favor of), pigtails are oft-decried as ridiculous, infantilizing, et cetera. But also like rompers, you know what pigtails are? Awesome, and awesome some more. Read More »

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