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Curried Chicken A La Oscar

Last month's Real Simple included a Slow Cooker feature (above), which I obviously clipped out and saved. I was especially excited to try the Curried Chicken with Ginger & Yogurt - curry is on the shortlist of Kendrick's favorite meals, but isn't something I've ever experimented with making.


Beef & Beer Stew

I adapted the dish to suit my tastes, as should really be done with all-in-one-pot meals like this one (it's really hard to mess them up, so go ahead and pour in everything you like), and it turned out quite stunningly. Not stunningly beautiful, alas (such is life when it comes to stews), but very, very delicious.


Easiest-Ever Lentil Soup

In the past, my lentil soup has been a little hit-or-miss, mostly because my oven is a 300-year-old evil ogre that enjoys transforming things that need to be cooked for a long time on low heat into a smoking, charred mess...but now, with the arrival of my trusty slow-cooker, there is absolutely no chance of screwing it up.


A Whole New World (Of Dinner Options)

Thanks to my wonderful in-laws, I am now the proud new owner of a slow cooker. I've always wanted one (no dishwasher means I particularly love one-pot meals)...but I've never really used one before, sooo...any amazing slow cooker recipes you wouldn't mind passing my way?

So excited to play with my new toy!

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