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Slow Cooker BBQ Brisket

Did you know that slow-cookers aren't just for heavy, wintry meals? It's true.

As an example: you don't always want to actually barbecue when you have a barbecue. Or at least I don't. Sometimes you want to eat outdoors off of paper plates, but you don't want a hamburger, or a hot dog, or maybe you're out of propane and don't feel like running to Home Depot, or maybe you're just in the mood for something…else.

Brisket is so good. And slow-cookers make eating it so easy. Seriously, what this meal involves is: 1) put things in slow cooker; 2) put slow-cooked things in bun. Done. (I added some broccoli because I felt like it was important to show that I made an effort to include greenery, but honestly: potato salad is probably a better addition here.)


Easy, Awesome Brisket With Vegetables

Course #2 of our Passover Dinner (the first I've ever made on my own) was yet another dish that's brand-new to me: brisket. But I was excited to add my aunt Debbie's recipe to my repertoire, because I have a big thing for inexpensive cuts of meat that you cook on low heat for ever and ever: I think they're just incredibly flavorful and delicious, and love how virtually unscrewupable they are. I also love the fact that you start them in the morning and then basically forget about them all day long, and then poof: dinner is ready, and you barely did a thing.

This dish easily serves 4-6, and makes for some seriously good leftovers (try putting the meat between slices of white bread the next day, oh my god yum). You can also try making this in your slow-cooker; just remember that you'll need about 8 hours of cooking if you do it that way.

(Click here for Course #1, Matzoh Ball Soup)


Deconstructed Vegetable Pot Pie

OK, so expecting a baby for the second time?

Really different than the first.

It's different in good ways (I'm more chilled out about the whole process, mostly because I keep forgetting that I'm pregnant) and not-so-good ways (I'm sicker and about ten thousand times more exhausted), but the definite, one-hundred-percent most fun difference?


Slow-Cooker Orange Chicken

My slow-cooker doesn't see the light of day a whole lot during the summer, partly because the kinds of meals I usually like to use it for (pot roast, ribs, stew) are too heavy for these hot days, but also because we spend a lot of time cooking and eating outdoors. And slow-cookers are an "indoors" kind of thing.

Still, though: when you're pressed for time, there's nothing like letting your kitchen go ahead and cook your dinner for you...and that's what a slow-cooker does.

This recipe is inspired by one I found on Pinterest, and is sort of like a tangy twist on shredded BBQ chicken. I served it over rice (the steam-in-bag kind, because I'm lazy), but it would also be delicious piled onto sandwich rolls for a picnic.


Improvisational Crockpot Chicken & Beer Stew

Here's my favorite thing about cooking, which also happens to be the reason that I hate hate hate baking (which requires precision and adherence to things like "rules") with a passion: with cooking, once you know the basics, you're probably OK. And you can adjust whatever it is that you feel like eating to suit things like time constraints and refrigerator contents.

My boys are all on their lonesome for an entire week, and while I'm sure they'll survive, I'm also sure that Thai food (Kendrick) and scrambled eggs (Indy; what can I say? He's obsessed) will play a major part in their diet for the next few days. So my plan on Sunday was to make this Easy Crockpot Chicken Stew to leave for them as, you know...a supplement.

Except we got distracted by trips to diners, romps around the backyard and naps, and I forgot that this was my plan until 3PM...which left me with about half the time the recipe requires.

Oh yes, and I couldn't find chicken stock. Which is kind of important when you're making chicken stew.

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