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Dry Skin Tips For The Similarly Afflicted

jordan reid ramshackle glam closeup

In the summer my skin is respectably non-flaky, but in the colder months it’s all alligator, all the time. What this means: a major focus on moisturizer – once September hits, I always moisturize at least twice a day (usually more), and sometimes even use my richer nighttime moisturizer in the morning (making sure that I then also layer on ... Read More »

Win A Simple Skincare Gift Bag (plus a $50 Amex Gift Card)


I’ve been using (and loving) Simple Skincare products for over a year now (click here to check out my skincare overhaul courtesy of the Simple Sense tool)…and now I’d like you to have the chance to try them out yourself. (Especially the Eye Makeup Remover, the Radiance Cleansing Wipes, and the Smoothing Facial Scrub; just saying, those are really good.) Simple Skincare ... Read More »

The Beauty All-Star Team


I try out a lot of products. Between about a decade and a half spent on sets (that’s the InStyle/Nine West video shoot, above) and the reviews that I do both here and for places like Makeup.com, a lot of potions have made their way across my vanity. But the very last thing I am is a clutterbug – I ... Read More »

Cherry-Almond Chocolate Clusters

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 10.58.39 AM

I’ve been making homemade chocolates – by which I mean melted chips sprinkled with various things that sound like they will probably taste good together and then poured onto wax paper to harden – for a couple of years now. They’re one of my go-tos mostly because they’re so easy to make, but also – let’s be honest, now – ... Read More »

Keep It Simple


So far, our week in Maine has been fantastic. We’ve made turtle sand-pies at the beach, hung out at the pool, eaten way too many lobster rolls and steamed clams, and slept until after 8AM (!) each day thanks to the fact that we’re all staying in the same hotel room, which means that our son basically stands up in ... Read More »

Simple On The Sand


We were supposed to leave for a beach vacation in Ogunquit in just a few days (above is the video from our last trip to Maine - when I was about six months pregnant – so it’s been awhile). A last-minute work obligation meant I needed to push our trip a week, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start getting excited about ... Read More »

For Those Extra-Lazy Evenings


These are so delicious. They’re also my favorite Simple Skincare product right now, for two reasons: 1. Warmer weather means more sweat and general buildup, so they’re great additions to my purse on especially hot days (and are gentle enough to use on my son’s sweaty little self, as well). 2. After 9:30PM rolls around, I become horrifyingly lazy and ... Read More »

Step Away From The Scrub


My husband isn’t a big face-products guy. I’ve tried to convince him that moisturizing actually just feels really nice and doesn’t need to result in him smelling like a mango, but still: no. Remember when I said a few weeks ago that the Simple Sense tool had recommended that I amp up my exfoliation efforts, and that my plan was ... Read More »

Simple Sense: One Week Later

A week ago, Simple Sense told me a few things I could use some help with (including using SPF, exfoliating, and chilling out). Here’s how it’s going so far. (Click here to get your own personalized skincare recommendations.) Read More »

Personalized Skincare Suggestions From Simple

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 11.26.42 AM

I’ve been incorporating Simple Skincare products into my daily skincare routine for almost a year now, and have seen some pretty fantastic results. I rarely break out the way I used to, and my skin just feels generally calmer and more stable. But I still have skin issues – persistent dryness (that eases up a little in the summer, but ... Read More »

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