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Kim Kardashian / Total Insanity


Yesterday afternoon I got a call from RTL asking me to swing by Macy's to do a quick report on Kim Kardashian's appearance to promote her new fragrance. It was...madness. Read More »

RTL AM / Great Old Navy Shirt

Photo on 2010-09-09 at 08.46 #3

7AM: A little sleepy and prepping for this morning's Exclusiv! interview about Halle Berry's supposed new relationship with Olivier Martinez (they were spotted kissing in Paris). Read More »

Prepping For This Morning’s Interview

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When I prep for an interview, basically what I do is establish my "talking points" (the major ideas I want to get across; they're sometimes provided to you by the interviewer or producer in advance) and jot down a few "sound bites". Read More »

RTL: Tom & Katie Awkwardness


This morning, RTL came by my apartment to chat about this insanely awkward video of Katie Holmes prancing around to a Damn Yankees song while Tom Cruise watches with even less interest than I have in drinking another bottle of kale juice. Read More »

RTL / John Travolta

This morning, Tara Bohan from Exclusiv (a German entertainment TV show) stopped by my place to interview me about the latest developments in the John Travolta story; yesterday, he publicly confirmed for the first time that his son Jett, who died in January at the age of 16, suffered from autism. Read More »

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