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Variegated Yarn Baby Blanket


Knitting is one of my favorite things to do in the world…but really, the only things I’m good at making are blankets (my baby hat was kind of a disaster and ended up looking more like a¬†Bizarre Pom-Pom Elf-Cap). That’s OK, though, because while blankets are pretty time-intensive they’re also super relaxing to make once you get the hang of ... Read More »

DIY: Rainbow Knit Baby Hat


Not sure I'm in a spot to be handing out instructions on how to make baby hats, as this was my first one...and I'm not certain I did it right, since the instructions were for a Baby Hat rather than a Mystical Elfin Pointy Thing. Read More »

Basketweave Baby Blanket


My mom crocheted a green and yellow baby blanket to take me home in, and for years I've dreamed of making something similar for my own baby.¬† Read More »

Well, This Is Cool! / ReKnit


If you send ReKnit your old sweater, they'll unravel it and transform it into a brand-new hat and scarf combo! At $99 it's not super-cheap, but I think this makes an adorable gift idea... Read More »

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