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OK, I’m Officially Fascinated: Oil Pulling


Stunning, I know. Let me start by saying that I don’t really “do” health-type fads, and certainly not cleanses and/or detoxes, for reasons that I’ve documented extensively here. But I was seeing this “oil pulling” thing everywhere, and finally I had to try it: it sounded so cool, and so satisfying (you can actually see the toxins?!) and didn’t involve not eating, ... Read More »

Is It A Cold…Or Is It Allergies?

Screen shot 2011-05-31 at 9.37.47 AM

I have been sick three – THREE – times since February. I know, suppressed immune system (so that you don’t reject the baby, which is, of course, half-comprised of someone else entirely), etc etc…but I am sick to death of being deathly sick. When I woke up all sorts of miserable yesterday, though, I thought that maybe the intense heatwave ... Read More »

So How’s The Healthy(er) Living Going?

Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 3.13.42 PM

Now, I wouldn't say that I'm all of a sudden turning into Bodybuilder Barbie - my idea of exercise involves bopping around on an elliptical for 30 minutes while reading Star, and not a whole lot of sweating - but I am absolutely feeling like a new, endorphin-addled person... Read More »

Just got a call from the doctor and my biopsy came back negative. This is obviously fantastic news, but the experience was still pretty jarring…and an excellent wake-up call to be much, much more vigilant about my health.  Go here to learn how to perform a skin self-exam.  Read More »

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