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Makeup & Beauty

How To Contour Your Cheeks

Look, I am not a Kim (or even a Kourtney). I like makeup, but I don't want to spend forever and twenty minutes doing it. And while I'm not a total disaster when it comes to doing my makeup, contouring always seemed like something best left to people far more talented than I. Like, presumably, Kim. And Kourtney.

As it turns out? It's really easy. And fast. And non-intimidating. (Promise.)

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Makeup & Beauty

One-Minute Holiday Beauty Hacks

Who has time to fuss around with hair and makeup when there's eggnog to be drunk? Here's how to get from office to out in sixty seconds flat. (Oh yes, and one of these hacks may have been the result of a small truck store theft; I'm pleading the fifth on that one.)

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Makeup & Beauty

How To Pose For The Camera

Even if you don't post gazillions of photographs of yourself to the Internet (ahem), those occasions - weddings, graduations, bar mitzvahs - do occasionally roll around when you have to get your pose on. Here's how to do it without looking angry, or asleep, or completely weird.

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