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The Itty-Bitty Camp Tee on my favorite girl

A question I've gotten over and over and over lately: what is up with glam | camp?

I haven't been posting as much about it lately, true. New additions to our inventory have been few and far between, and the best sweatshirt in the world has been out of stock for a solid month. If you look at our About page, there's a whole new person there. And the reason why I've been more or less radio silent on the topic lately is that we've been in a state of transition, and I wanted to wait until we worked out any kinks before posting about it.


(How To) Break On Through

Here's the question that's on my mind - and so many other people's minds - lately: What do we do now?

Yes, the Women's March was incredible; yes, more people showed up than anyone could have imagined; yes, it's clear that millions of people are ready and willing to fight back...but still, the question remains: How do we keep going? Especially in the face of the tidal waves of news stories that wash over us every morning, alerting us to the fact that yes, once again THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING A PERSON CAN DO HAS BEEN DONE? (I've actually started trying to internally narrate my morning news consumption using John Oliver's voice, because every single day opens with "Here is a decision that must be made, and the options are a) Goodness and Light, and b) Death and Hellfire," and virtually every time the answer is "Well, B, OBVIOUSLY. Why? Because...hey, look over there! Is that Ivanka in a cute dress?! THE BABY IS CRAWLING!"


Boss Life

bonnie reid berkow and granddaughter

For the entirety of my childhood – up through and including my teenage years – I used Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil. When I was a kid it was just what we had sitting by the tub, but by the time I was a teenager I actively sought it out: It had taken on an air of nostalgic simplicity and made me feel both elegant and a touch retro, even though I wasn’t sure exactly why.

And now I do.


10 Statement Jackets You Need To See

A statement jacket for minimalists, this twill piece with contrasting scarlet cuffs (and a box-pleat bag) is more like a gorgeous sculpture than outerwear.s).

10 statement jackets that you seriously need to take a look at (some because you should probably buy them, others because...well, you'll see) are below.


Crazy Sprinkles


I have fully embraced walking to kindergarten dropoff each morning while dressed as a character from Grey Gardens. This morning, for example, I accompanied my child to school wearing sunglasses the size of basketballs, striped sweatpants with sparkly silver stars on them...and a massive faux-fur coat that each and every one of his classmates immediately needed to pet, making me quite the hot topic at the dropoff line ("MRS. INDY'S MOM, WHY DO YOU FEEL LIKE A KITTEN.").

When you're in the mood to get a little odd with it, my feeling is that it's all about what you put on top. You can be all white-t-shirt-and-jeans and zzzzzzz underneath, but if you cover the whole thing up with a massive, multicolor-striped, fringed and hooded poncho-esque creation that evokes Yoda via Lilith Fair, or perhaps a fuzzy coat that brings to mind a Bantha with a goth dye job (I mean that as a compliment)? You're good. Like, real good.


What To Do During A Power Outage (In Los Angeles)

When the power goes out on the East Coast, everybody rolls their eyes and gets Chinese takeout and goes out to a bar or to bed. When the power goes out on the West Coast, there is widespread panic and people floating down streets in duck rafts. Having been suddenly detached from social media and television and, Los Angelenos sit paralyzed in the center of their darkened living room floors, asking themselves life's greatest question:

...What do I do now?

Last night, as you know if you follow me on Snapchat or IG stories, our power went out, along with the power of...ohhhhh....everybody in LA, apparently.


Budgeting For Babies (A Genius Way To Introduce Financial Planning To Your Kids)

Let's do our kids the favor of taking the mystery out of money.

There are plenty of people who think that money isn't an appropriate topic for kids, especially very young kids. I'm not one of them; I think that money is a topic that's surrounded by a ton of secrecy in our society - even close friends and family members often don't discuss finances with each other - and that all that secrecy does is make people feel even more at sea about a topic that is likely already a pretty big stressor in their lives.

For the past few months, we've been testing out different ways of instituting a reward system with our five-year-old son (three weeks of not biting nails = a small toy; clearing your dish every night for a week = 25 cents), but none of them have felt quite right, mostly because it's been difficult getting him to understand that a quarter means something; it's not just an odd, shiny toy to play with. And besides, I'm sort of from the "kids should help out and do the right thing because that's what they should do, not because they're being paid for it" school of thought, so rewarding our son for chores and such has always felt a little odd to me.


The Throw Pillow Problem (And Ten Spectacular Finds To Instantly Refresh Your Home)

Spring has sprung! (In my bedroom, anyway.)

The other day, Kendrick walked out of our garage and into our kitchen, all wide-eyed and horrified. In his hands were two (extremely cute, just saying) pillows, still all bundled up in plastic wrap.

"...Why?" he asked, holding them out at me like (electric orange, stunningly hand-stitched) sacrificial lambs.