Two Questions About My Kids, Because I Need Your Help

So happy! So sweet! UNTIL...

Not to put you in a Dear Abby situation or anything, but there are a few things my children are doing lately that have me stumped. And so today I'm going to use this site to access your collective genius, if that's okay with you, because I am fresh out of mom skills to deploy.

Problem #1: How Do You Know When to Let Your Kid Quit?

DIY Projects

DIY Ankle Cuffs

J.Crew Sandals | Anklets by Me

I have decided that anklets are going to be my thing this summer. But not just one anklet - oh, no. Two anklets. Matching anklets. One on each ankle. 

I decided this the other morning. I was drinking my morning coffee, when all of a sudden a pile of jewelry-making items was deposited on the table in front of me. Apparently Francesca had been thinking of making me matching anklets - one for each ankle! - for my birthday, but then realized, ugh, jewelry making, ugh, and decided that she would give me the idea, and then give me the stuff, and then let me go ahead and do the actual making of the things.


Presents For Dads

I would call this a "Father's Day Gift Guide," except Father's Day is in like two seconds and I totally failed to get it up in a respectable window of time.

So let's just call it a fun list of presents for dad-type people, K? Like for birthdays! And...birthdays!


Before & After Renovations

Sunset, Poolside

I know I already posted about my pool renovation, but these photos have muuuuch better light and show the details so much better. So here they are.

As a recap, here's what we changed: 

  • Removed the dated, curved coping and replaced it with clean, squared-off white coping;
  • Replaced the plaster bottom with deep blue Pebbletec;
  • Built a Baja shelf (a 8" deep platform in the shallow end that you use for lounging and such);
  • Removed the ladder, and built a bench in the deep end to replace it;
  • Replaced the dated tiles with iridescent tiles in varying shades of white.

Check out the original post (with before and afters) here, if you missed it.

My Looks

The Pits

Lush jumpsuit | J.Crew sandals (30% off w/code SHOPTOIT) | Mulberry bag

Summer break is happening, and summer break means 24/7 contact with children who, if not constantly entertained, may at any moment start biting other. Or me. So?!

Time for an adventure. Specifically, an adventure in which we go ahead and invade Francesca's apartment and life like a cannon ball, as we are wont to do. We ate sushi. We bought lollipops the size of our heads. We found a stand offering free glitter arm-painting for Pride Day (a good day, as it turns out, to visit LA).

Before & After Renovations

The Pool Of My Dreams

dark blue pool with Baja shelf and pebbletec

Everyone says having a pool is crazily expensive. I haven't found it to be terrible so far - we have a reasonably priced pool guy, and the fact that we have solar offsets the cost of heating it a lot - but you know what happens when you have to repair your pool? Like, because the plaster, having reached its expiration date, starts cracking and flaking off?

You spend oh my god, so much money having it fixed.

When we applied for our home equity line of credit, a pool renovation was one of the main things we knew we were going to do (and yes, it spiraled off into more renovations, and then more) - but the thing about renovating a pool is that it's such a major expense and such a pain, what with the draining and pouring of concrete and spraying of plaster and etc etc - that if you're going to do it, you don't want to do it more than once. Which means you should probably just do it right the first time.

My Looks

My All-Time Favorite Pregnancy Looks

I think my favorite time in my entire life, style-wise, was when I was pregnant with Goldie. I already had a two-year-old, so my style had by necessity relaxed into something more comfortable and simple than what it'd been B.K. (Before Kids), and pregnancy felt like it gave me the freedom to play around within that happy place.

Click Here for a Slideshow of All My Maternity Looks

I had fun with accessories. I wore hats, and vests, and color, and fringed everything. I didn't just throw on whatever was clean-ish and right there (ahem, currently wearing the t-shirt I slept in); I thought about what might make me feel beautiful, and then made it happen.

Makeup & Beauty

Obsession of the Moment: Hallu Bath Bombs

Aren't children supposed to love baths? Isn't bath time supposed to be fun??

They are, and it is. So why do my children avoid baths as if they are filled not with warm, wonderful water and an assortment of age-appropriate toys, but rather scalding-hot oil and/or velociraptors? Especially my daughter; girlfriend has to be a scrub before I deem it worth my time to spend half an hour "convincing" her ("manually wrestling her into the tub") that baths are, in fact, a prerequisite for even semi-normal human interaction.

I have found the solution to this quandary, and it is - perhaps unsurprisingly - a rainbow mermaid bath bomb.

My Looks

The Uniform, Currently

Very slowly, I am turning into a California-ized version of Diane Keaton. That, IMO, can only be a positive thing.

Remember "menocore," the Man Repeller-coined term I mentioned awhile back? You know: the look that involves a lot of neutral, floaty layers of the sort typically spotted on menopausal Hamptons residents? I want to own nothing that doesn't fit into this category of clothing, and lately all I want to wear is the decidedly Keaton-esque outfit pictured above - a pair of loose cotton pants from Zara, and one or another of my massive striped button-down shirts (of which I own, oh, so many). Sunglasses. Minimal jewelry.

(As an aside, it is unfortunate to have white pants be what you want to wear every day, because what happens to them when you do this is they are no longer white.)