How To Keep Your Duvet From Shifting

needle threat sewing

Q. Hi Jordan! Do you have any recs on keeping a duvet taut and tied tight to the comforter? It drives me so nuts! – Mackie A. It drives me nuts, too. Yes. What You Need: Have needle? Have thread? Have a little sturdy ribbon or fabric tape? Good. What You Do: Some duvet covers come with this little trick ... Read More »

Save The Plants!

mason jar herbs

You know how sometimes posts are nice and timely? Like, Valentine’s Day gift ideas posted a solid three weeks pre-Valentine’s Day? Spring break outfit suggestions posted right around the time you’d like to start shopping for a new swimsuit? Et cetera? Well, this post is the opposite of that. Because if you do what I suggest doing in this post ... Read More »

How To Make Your Own Tassels

tent tassles

Oh, look: it’s tassel day on Ramshackle Glam! We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled, non-tassel-related programming tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s how you make ‘em. (Seriously it’s so easy.) Read More »

How To Use Tassels In Your Home Decor


Because you really should. Tassels make everything better. Now, obviously fort decoration is the best possible use of handmade tassels (click here to learn how to make ‘em)…but you can use them lots and lots of other places if you’re not planning to install a tent in your living room (although you should). Like, for example, on your bedding. How ... Read More »

Make Your Own Tent (With Tassels!)

diy fort

WE MADE THIS. You will note, please, that I said “we” and not “I.” That is because I had literally nothing to do with like 99% of this project, because I am not talented like that. I do, however, have a friend, Erin, who is, and who responded to our son’s love of cave/fort things with “Well, let’s make him one!” ... Read More »

Cannot. Stop. Painting Stuff.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.00.49 AM

But really: there are few things in life that can’t be improved by the addition of a little neon. (Painted that penguin, too. How cute is he?) Looking for good neon paint? It’s weirdly hard to find; trust me, I’ve looked. Try Martha Stewart Satin in Lightning Bug, Orange Soda, and Lime Zinger; they’re the paints I’ve been unleashing on everything we ... Read More »

Scent Your Home With Stuff You’ve Already Got

diy home scenting

I’m a bit of a home scenting obsessive, but stocking up on candles can get super pricey. Fortunately, you can get all that lovely fragrance without shelling out a ton of cash (or any, really). All you need is just a tiny bit of craftiness (and I do mean “just a tiny bit,” promise). Presenting: my favorite (easy) DIY Home Scents. Lavender Pour some ... Read More »

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These)


I cannot stop making dreamcatchers these days. I’ve always loved them – the tattoo on my arm is inspired by one, and I’ve had a huge one hanging in our house ever since my dad and I picked it up on our post-college cross-country drive – but what happened to ignite the recent obsession was that I found one on ... Read More »

Please Don’t Throw Out Your Mirrors (A Song)

splatter mirror

I wish I could write a song called “Please Don’t Throw Out Your Mirrors.” It would go something like this: “Please don’t throw out your mirrors. They are useful for so many thiiiiings!” Or something. But really: please don’t throw them out. Even if they’re kind of ugly, like my bathroom mirror pre-bathroom spruce-up. (They are useful for so many thiiiiings!) ... Read More »

Thrifted Footstool: Before And After

thrifted footstool before

I told you I legit couldn’t stop crafting. I think it’s because I’ve decided that I don’t care whether the end result is especially spectacular. I mean, it’s nice if what comes out of an hour or two spent in the company of a paintbrush and some bad reality TV is a beautiful addition to my home, but far more ... Read More »

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