DIY Scented Sea Glass

rock potpourri

OK, so you’ve probably gathered by now that I’m a semi-obsessive home scenter, but as much as I love candles, they’re not always ideal – when entertaining large, multi-child-inclusive crowds, for example, open flames aren’t particularly advisable. As a flame-free alternative to keeping your home smelling lovely, potpourri works…but if the nuts-and-dried-flowers thing isn’t exactly in line with your aesthetic, how ... Read More »

Yard Sale 101

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.42.34 PM

I’ve heard of people who dread having yard sales. Who feel like they have to do it to get rid of their overload of stuff, but really don’t like holding them. This does not compute. Yard Sale Day legitimately ranks up there with my Favorite Days Of The Year, somewhere alongside Christmas morning. I’m totally serious: on Saturday morning I ... Read More »

Easy (But Elegant) Craft Ideas

message in a bottle

My favorite find from our day trip to Half Moon Bay: a sort of outdoor discovery garden filled with different crafting tables. But not, like, yarn and sparkles and such…amazing things. Like giant abalone shells and air plants and blue jars and tiny squares of sheet music and twine. And a table full of ideas for just what to do with all these amazing things, like ... Read More »

DIY Easy Striped Baby Blanket

striped knit baby blanket

Our daughter is here. We’re in the hospital and I managed to set “Crash Computer” as Order Of Business Number One (sigh), but I’ll be back to business as usual in a couple of days. In the meantime, I set up a handful of posts…like this one on a project I finished just in time. I started this blanket wayyyy back when we ... Read More »

How To: Organize Your Scarf Collection


Q. OK @ramshackleglam, so I have about 262,728 scarves…how in god’s name do I store them?! They’re always a mess on my closet floor! Help! - Olivia (via Twitter) A. Ah, one of my favorite topics: excessive accessory ownership! I also have too many scarves. And I also have given a good deal of thought to how to organize them ... Read More »

DIY “California” Shirt

old navy craft

Crafting again?! Me? Last time worked out surprisingly well…so why not? For this go-round with the kit sent over by Old Navy and P.S. I Made This, I decided to turn an already adorable Western-style button-down into an ode to our summer in California, complete with gold glitter and sparkles (obviously). Here’s the before (it’s this shirt). What I Did: ... Read More »

DIY Texturizing Beach Hair Spray

beach hair

Love the look of beach hair…but not stepping foot on the sand anytime soon? Here’s how to easily (and inexpensively) make your own spray to give your hair that great, beachy texture. Read More »

DIY Big Brother T-Shirt

old navy big brother tee

I’m not really a crafter. I churn out the occasional DIY project, but when presented with a kit of dyes and sparkles and sponges? I’m sort of at a loss. But! Crafting is fun, obviously. And two-and-a-half year olds enjoy things like creating disasters with paints and markers, obviously. So: an afternoon of crafting it is. What I decided to ... Read More »

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