Verdad (A Fall Preview)

Verdad Trousers c/o | Eileen Fisher Crop Sweater | Miu Miu Clogs (similar)

What, you don't wear five-inch heels and stunning high-waisted trousers to cavort about in the desert? (Neither do I. Pretty background, though, right?) Those are the hills near my house - which are lovely and green in the winter, but turn into a dried-out (albeit atmospheric) wasteland by August. And if this location looks familiar, that's because you saw it here.

These pants, though. They're by a brand that Francesca works with - Verdad - and they are perfect, so she brought me a pair when she visited the other weekend.


The White Whale (Of Rompers)

Santa Cruz, CA 

 Linen Romper 

I know this is hard to believe, coming from someone who posts pictures of themselves in various outfits on the (semi) regular, but I don't shop for clothing a lot. I shop for stuff for the house, oh yes (too much, probably), but I've spent the past year or so gradually whittling down my closet so it holds only the things I *actually* wear, as opposed to things I think I may want to wear someday.


Wine & Chenille (& Other Things That Make Me Happy)

What to wear on Thanksgiving Day is a bit of a conundrum. Because there are hours and hours and hours of cooking, and then the second the cooking part stops the eating part has to start because I’ve been asked whether dinner’s ready eighteen times per minute for the past two hundred minutes and now I need to feed my kids so they stop asking.

Which means the transition from “what to wear while cooking” (something I can spill turkey juice on) to “what to wear while eating” (something comfortable but cute enough to mayyyybe result in an actual, all-four-of-us-looking-at-the-camera-and-looking-non-miserable family photo) better be a quick one. And it better involve stretchy material, because food.



This sweater, to my mind, was not an optional purchase. First of all, it’s made by one of my favorite brands, Woolrich, which I hadn’t been aware was available at Kohl’s (bear pillow, ahem). And second, it has a snowman on it, but somehow manages to be in “adorable wintry sweater” territory rather than in “ironic ugly Christmas sweater” world. (No shade there – I enjoy a good ugly Christmas sweater myself – just sometimes one prefers to be un-ironic in one’s holiday attire.)


The New Feminine

CeCe by Cynthia Steffe at Macy's

CeCe Blouse

I am not “girly.” With a handful of exceptions, I tend not to choose pieces with floral patterns, with ruffles, with bows. My closet overflows with denim and grey. I think the last time I wore a headband was for my first-grade class photo (it was maroon velvet and actually pretty amazing, now that I think about it).

But just because I’m not especially girly doesn’t mean I don’t like to feel feminine. And I’ve rarely felt more feminine – by which I mean elegant, and polished, and confident – than I did when I put on the outfit pictured here. I have to be honest: I wasn’t entirely sure I’d love it when I ordered it from Macy’s, simply because I’ve literally never worn anything like this. Illusion neckline? Flounce skirt? Peter Pan collar?!