Back To School! (THANK GOD)

Skirt | Heels | Blazer | Blouse | Purse*

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago, planning to write something about office holiday party attire, but now the holidays are over. So why am I posting them anyway?

Well, first, because I like this outfit so much. It's comprised of a few pieces that I wear much, much less often than I probably should (especially that Helmut Lang blazer - which, FYI, is totally on TheRealReal for $59 right now, so if it's your size hurry up and grab it).

But mostly it's because I have nothing else to post. Because I have had both of my children at home with me all week long, and have been trying to write a book while also trying to convince a three-year-old and a six-year-old that "Poo-poo diaper face" is not an acceptable way to refer to one's sibling (and even if they do call you a poo-poo diaper face, that DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BITE THEM I'M SERIOUS DO NOT BITE YOUR BROTHER).


Oh, Mother

Mother Cropped Jeans | Free People Thermal

I've gotten pretty dramatic and personal with my posts this week. So today, let's lighten things up and just talk about clothing. OK?

First, let's talk about those Mother jeans. I've been circling various pairs of jeans from the brand forever - they're always so great, but also so expensive that it's hard to pull the trigger - but then I was in Carmel for the day, and Kendrick took our children to an ice cream parlor and then to the park so I could have a second to "just pop in" to a really cute boutique (you know "just to take a peek"), and then all of a sudden it was twenty minutes later and the absence of children (and the profound silence that followed) had forced me to own a pair of Mother jeans.


Verdad (A Fall Preview)

Verdad Trousers c/o | Eileen Fisher Crop Sweater | Miu Miu Clogs (similar)

What, you don't wear five-inch heels and stunning high-waisted trousers to cavort about in the desert? (Neither do I. Pretty background, though, right?) Those are the hills near my house - which are lovely and green in the winter, but turn into a dried-out (albeit atmospheric) wasteland by August. And if this location looks familiar, that's because you saw it here.

These pants, though. They're by a brand that Francesca works with - Verdad - and they are perfect, so she brought me a pair when she visited the other weekend.


The White Whale (Of Rompers)

Santa Cruz, CA 

 Linen Romper

I know this is hard to believe, coming from someone who posts pictures of themselves in various outfits on the (semi) regular, but I don't shop for clothing a lot. I shop for stuff for the house, oh yes (too much, probably), but I've spent the past year or so gradually whittling down my closet so it holds only the things I *actually* wear, as opposed to things I think I may want to wear someday.