My Looks

My Looks

Taste The Rainbow

Speaking of sweaters, can I just say? One of the hands-down best parts of home ownership (or, so I hear, of living anywhere outside Manhattan) is the presence of an actual washer and dryer in your house.

My Looks

Just A Little Bit Grey Gardens

When one doesn't really go out all that much, and then suddenly one does get to go out - like on, say, a date night with one's husband where canoodling (!) may occur - it's fun know...dress-up.

And when I dress up, I always like to go just a little bit overboard. LBD and subtly elegant extras? I don't think so. Not now. Not today.

Why? Because it's fun to wear animal print...and glamorous, poofy faux-fur boleros...and chiffon bows...and gold sparkle...all at the same time.

Just fun. That's all.

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