My Looks

My Looks

(Seeeeriously) Not Your Average Wetsuit

Cynthia Rowley Zodiac Wetsuit (c/o)

Wetsuits are not cute; I speak from vast experience here. I bought my first wetsuit when I was 12 and got my scuba diving certification...and I still have the same one. This would be kind of fun - look at meeee, fitting into my preteen wetsuit! - except it's sort of like still being able to fit into an Ace bandage that happens to be purple, and cover your whole body. You can do it...but that doesn't mean it's necessarily a great idea.

The thing about wetsuits is they're meant to be functional. You don't wear them to be adorable; you wear them to not freeze. And so the best-looking ones I've seen - up until now, at least - are only "cute" because they're not terrible and/or neon. In other words, they are black.

My Looks

The Pits

Lush jumpsuit | J.Crew sandals (30% off w/code SHOPTOIT) | Mulberry bag

Summer break is happening, and summer break means 24/7 contact with children who, if not constantly entertained, may at any moment start biting other. Or me. So?!

Time for an adventure. Specifically, an adventure in which we go ahead and invade Francesca's apartment and life like a cannon ball, as we are wont to do. We ate sushi. We bought lollipops the size of our heads. We found a stand offering free glitter arm-painting for Pride Day (a good day, as it turns out, to visit LA).

My Looks

My All-Time Favorite Pregnancy Looks

I think my favorite time in my entire life, style-wise, was when I was pregnant with Goldie. I already had a two-year-old, so my style had by necessity relaxed into something more comfortable and simple than what it'd been B.K. (Before Kids), and pregnancy felt like it gave me the freedom to play around within that happy place.

Click Here for a Slideshow of All My Maternity Looks

I had fun with accessories. I wore hats, and vests, and color, and fringed everything. I didn't just throw on whatever was clean-ish and right there (ahem, currently wearing the t-shirt I slept in); I thought about what might make me feel beautiful, and then made it happen.

My Looks

The Uniform, Currently

Very slowly, I am turning into a California-ized version of Diane Keaton. That, IMO, can only be a positive thing.

Remember "menocore," the Man Repeller-coined term I mentioned awhile back? You know: the look that involves a lot of neutral, floaty layers of the sort typically spotted on menopausal Hamptons residents? I want to own nothing that doesn't fit into this category of clothing, and lately all I want to wear is the decidedly Keaton-esque outfit pictured above - a pair of loose cotton pants from Zara, and one or another of my massive striped button-down shirts (of which I own, oh, so many). Sunglasses. Minimal jewelry.

(As an aside, it is unfortunate to have white pants be what you want to wear every day, because what happens to them when you do this is they are no longer white.)

Fashion Projects

Style Hack: How To Get the Vetements Look…At Costco

On Mother's Day morning, Francesca and I were laying in bed drinking coffee and scrolling through TheRealReal (because this is our favorite thing to do, especially when Kendrick indulges us by bringing us refills and also toast and then segues neatly into mimosa-delivery around 11AM), and I said, "Ooh, search for Vetements."

I love Vetements. I know I shouldn't, and I know I would never actually buy anything from the brand because I obviously cannot afford to, but I still find myself lusting over their stuff. If you're not familiar with Vetements, it's actually a Paris-based "design collective" with a largely anonymous design staff, and is sort of an experiment in what happens when "real clothing" is worn "in a real way" (distressed, DIY-ed, abandoned, etc). Think sweatshirts. With reallllly long arms. And logos. For $2k.

So depending on your perspective, what they're doing is either making wearable art, or blatantly taking advantage of impressionable fashion people and making a fortune while doing it, a la Derelicte. I am certain that my mother thinks everything Vetements makes is hideous. I am certain that it looks far, far better on people like Gigi Hadid than it would on me.

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