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Spotlight On: The Classics

A rundown of some absolute must-haves: any one of these pieces will instantly perk up a look, and they're perennially stylish...making them perfect places to splurge a bit.

Makeup & Beauty

Mini-Preview / John Sahag Workshop Flat-Iron Curls

Above, a preview of a post going up later this week featuring three different looks, a brand-new RG sponsor that I'm so excited to introduce you to, and a bit of wardrobe rediscovery on my part. For the post, I also decided to get in a little fancy holiday-hair practice by styling my hair in flat-iron curls, using tips I picked up at John Sahag Workshop last January.

In case you missed the instructional video the first time around, here it is:

Makeup & Beauty

And Here’s Where I Agree With Kim Kardashian

I just read in In Touch that Kim Kardashian's "lash secret" is to wear two different kinds of mascara at once.

And while I have no idea whose eyes, exactly, girlfriend is trying to pull the wool over here, because I have literally never seen a photo of her in which her eyes are not surrounded with multiple layers of faux fur (not that there's anything wrong with fake eyelashes; just...really, now), I have to agree with her: two different types of mascara, applied one right after the other (don't let the first dry before applying the second, or you'll get clumps) is absolutely the way to do major eyes without messing with glue and falsies.

Try it; your lashes will look nothing like Kim's do above, but they will be very lovely, promise.


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