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Makeup & Beauty

Test-Run: Crest WhiteStrips 3D 2-Hour Express

I'm not that diligent when it comes to taking care of my teeth - I do the basics, of course, but am definitely in the business of lying to my dentist every time I see him ("Oh yes, of course I floss twice a day!"). I am also, however, genetically predisposed to all kinds of gum issues (yick), and so lately I've been trying to step it up so as to avoid an extremely gross and painful surgery that I fear is in my future. And also because having pretty teeth is sort of important when yours are the size of Chiclets.

On the health side, that's meant switching to an electric toothbrush (this one; I'm totally obsessed with it) every day. On the vanity side, that's meant staring forlornly for a few days at a smile that I feared was less-than-glowing, and then finally trying out Crest WhiteStrips (the 2-Hour Express kind).

So what do you think?

Makeup & Beauty

How-To: Blow-Dry Perfect Bangs

So I'm not gonna lie: bangs are tricky. Or at least they are on my hair: as I suspected would happen, I wake up looking far more like Alfalfa than Audrey. Kendrick thinks this is funny (I disagree).

But what Karmela told me when I was getting them cut is true: if you can manage to make your bangs look decent, that's really all you need to do with your hair - if you're in a hurry you can just twist the rest up onto the top of your head and look respectably done. And while at John Sahag Workshop last weekend, I learned how to do just that (the results of my tutorial are pictured above).


1. Start with wet hair, and dry your bangs first (counterintuitive maybe, but they get a lot tougher to wrangle if they're left to their own devices for even a few minutes).

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