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Makeup & Beauty

How-To: Blow-Dry Perfect Bangs

So I'm not gonna lie: bangs are tricky. Or at least they are on my hair: as I suspected would happen, I wake up looking far more like Alfalfa than Audrey. Kendrick thinks this is funny (I disagree).

But what Karmela told me when I was getting them cut is true: if you can manage to make your bangs look decent, that's really all you need to do with your hair - if you're in a hurry you can just twist the rest up onto the top of your head and look respectably done. And while at John Sahag Workshop last weekend, I learned how to do just that (the results of my tutorial are pictured above).


1. Start with wet hair, and dry your bangs first (counterintuitive maybe, but they get a lot tougher to wrangle if they're left to their own devices for even a few minutes).

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