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Makeup & Beauty

Under-Eye Unpleasantries

I don't know what's in the water lately (probably a bit of New Year's Eve champagne, if I had to guess), but I've been getting request after request for recommendations for under-eye issues - primarily puffiness and dark circles. And I'm certainly the right person to commiserate with about these kinds of beauty troubles, because I have been through it with the eye drama.

Dark circles I don't know a ton about (see below; would love your recommendations), but I've always had a problem with puffiness - and specifically one eye that gets way puffier than the other, creating a stunning lopsided effect. And then in the summer of 2010 I hurt my eye in an embarrassing dance floor mishap, an injury that ended up compounding the problem to the point where the appearance of my eye became something that I obsessed over. I even (sharing secrets, now) briefly contemplated looking into surgical help, because it was starting to affect my ability to function at work.

You know how when you have a pimple as a teenager and you think everyone's looking at it, and your parents tell you to stop being silly because you're the only one who even notices the thing? Well, I was hosting a project awhile back, and as the shoot rolled on I began to feel my troublesome eye growing puffier and puffier. I tried to apply that no-one-notices-but-me logic...until I realized that everyone was most certainly noticing. The producers had a whispered conference in the corner that was quite clearly about the golf ball popping up on my face, and shortly afterwards a cameraman instructed me to please direct the remainder of my lines to the food that I was preparing (in other words, keep those eyes far away from the camera).

So we're not talking run-of-the-mill poof; we're talking a sorta major problem for someone who does the kind of thing that I do for a living.

Makeup & Beauty

Eye Shadow Of Choice

When I'm looking to splurge on an eyeshadow, yeah. For everyday and for travel I'll often use an inexpensive (drugstore) trio of neutral shades, but if I want a richer, more textured look or a really special shade for a big night out (try Outremer as a liquid liner), it doesn't get much better than NARS.

A great shade to try to test out the line for yourself: Ondine, a pinky-brown with a little shimmer that looks great on everyone, and in every season.

Makeup & Beauty

Test-Run: DIY Gel Manicure Kit

(SensatioNail Gel Polish / 1 week after application.)

The reason why I don't ever, ever get salon manicures: I don't know whether I don't wait long enough for my nails to dry before returning to normal activities, or whether I just have color-repelling fingers, or what, but I am completely incapable of making newly polished nails maintain their pristine state longer than two or three hours. And insta-chips are maddening when you've just sat in a salon for forty-five minutes and shelled out something in the range of fifteen dollars.


So I do my own manicures.

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