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Makeup & Beauty

Speedy, Sleek Blow-Dry Tip

You know how, when you're a) in a hurry to dry your hair and b) want to add a little volume, you flip your head over and get it at least partially dry that way? Well, if you've got wavy or curly hair that's prone to frizz, this little trick is even better.

Take large sections of wet hair and twist as shown above, aiming the dryer at the roots: you'll get the lift you're looking for at your scalp while keeping the rest of your hair sleek and smooth. Do this until hair is damp, and then blow-dry as usual, dividing into sections and using a round or paddle brush.


How-To: Blow-Dry Perfect Bangs

Makeup & Beauty

Fabulous Beauty Find / Clinique Almost Lipstick New Spring 2012 Colors

From left: Black Honey, Shy Honey, Tender Honey, Spice Honey, Luscious Honey, Chic Honey, Lovely Honey, And Flirty Honey.

I rarely buy new lipsticks; I'm very creature-of-habit with such things and have a stockpile of my favorite nudes and reds. But at the salon on Saturday I was paging through InStyle, and did a double-take when I spotted the go-to tube of my youth (Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey was the very first piece of makeup I owned) in a gorgeous new hot-pink shade.

And as it turns out, when you walk a straight line from John Sahag Workshop over to my parents' place (where we met before heading to dinner), you pass straight by Saks. Which has a Clinique counter.

Makeup & Beauty

Ready In A (F)Lash: A Mini False Eyelash Tutorial

You know how I was talking about beauty time-savers yesterday? Well, I have one more suggestion:

False eyelashes.

I know, you're all, "Jordan, crazy girl...false eyelashes are not a trick for those in search of speed, they are a totally indulgent and time-consuming to-do"...but stay with me for a second, here.

It's true: until you get used to the process false eyelashes are more glue-everywhere than glamorous. But once you figure them out, they're on and busy making you look totally going-out-worthy in thirty seconds. Maybe a minute. And if you add them to the basic makeup shown in my New Mama Makeup Tutorial, they're really all you need to look pretty and pulled-together, and just a little bit spectacular. Sure, if you're feeling fancy you can always add on smoky eyes, red lips, et cetera et cetera...but if you have incredible lashes, you (or at least I) just feel done. Sexy. Just a little bit spectacular.

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