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Daily Beauty: Lipstick Queen Saint Eden

Good morning! I would like to introduce you to my (and, I think, your) new favorite lipstick.

Lipstick Queen in Saint Eden is one of the latest creations from Poppy King (the famous red lipstick-wearer), and it's a sheer watermelon shade that feels great (no dryness) and is completely wearable, even if you're an all-gloss, all-the-time girl.

Really, for those of you who are still a little nervous about the whole red lipstick thing, this color is the perfect way to start dipping your toes into the waters (and trust me, once you're there, you won't go back). And for those of you who've already embraced the idea...this is how you do it up for daytime.

More red lipstick tips coming up shortly!

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Daily Beauty: Sue Devitt Lip Intensifier Pencil

I've written before about Sue Devitt's Eye Intensifier Pencil (it's the key element in my Summery Smoky Eye), and the Lip Intensifier Pencil is just as all-around useful: it's a chunky pencil that comes in four shades (I use Kirakira) and pumps up your own lip color just the slightest bit.

I've been using it in two ways: 1) As a base under my red lipstick, to keep it staying put longer, and 2) all on its own, for a slightly-better-than-natural look. One note: while the Lip Intensifier has more moisture in it than a traditional lip pencil, it's still a very matte look, so you may want to pair it with balm or gloss.

I would also like to tell you that Yo Gabba Gabba has now officially become a part of my brain chemistry. You know how I wanted to end this post?

"Try'll like it!"

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A Little Help Over Here?

I'm breaking out.

I hate breaking out. Because on a day-to-day basis this 2-Minute New Mama Makeup routine is pretty much all I can muster, and breakouts mean...well, more.

Anyway, I'm going to blame the breakouts on ebbing pregnancy hormones mostly because a) last time they showed up was when the hormones first came out to say hi, so it makes sense that my skin would throw a party when they leave, too, and b) I refuse to believe that my 30-year-old self would be breaking out just 'cause. Either way, they must be gotten rid of.

This stuff* is helping so much. I'm wary of acne treatments because my major skin issue is dryness (oof, the dryness)...but so far, so good. One thin coat of the La Roche-Posay salicylic acid acne treatment over the problem spots (not every night, just when needed), and in the morning, the state of my skin is worlds better.

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DIY French Manicure

funky french manicure

A little Friday fingernail inspiration: China Glaze in Dress Me Up with FingerPaints in Circus Peanuts.

Not that I'm the most talented person in the world at DIY French manicures - I used to do them all the time and was pretty good at them, but this one, as you can see, was a rush job completed during a much-shorter-than-I-expected-it-to-be nap - but there are a few little tricks that make them way easier:

1. Start with very little polish on the brush - you don't want any rolling down and glopping onto your nail.

2. Begin the line at the halfway point and go to one edge of the nail, then return to the halfway point and draw the other side of the line.

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