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Just Some Earth-Friendly Products I Love

"All-natural" isn't something I typically look for in my beauty products. Perhaps not the loveliest admission, but I tend to be about results more than about the absence of parabens (yes, I know, parabens = bad; it's just an example). As I'm getting older, though, I'm discovering that my skin is getting increasingly sensitive, to the point where some products make my skin react immediately and visibly - and extremely unattractively. When I was in LA with Francesca, for example, I decided to try a different K-beauty mask every night, and...let's just say that this is not something that the sensitive-skinned among us should do. (Oh my god.)

So while I'm not tossing all my chemical-containing serums anytime soon - because excuse me, those things were expensive and many of them are indeed quite wonderful - I am trying to pay a bit more attention to what's in the stuff I put on my face. Mostly what I'm looking for are products with fewer ingredients and fewer artificial scents, but I'm not especially well-versed with regards to what's out there in this category, so back in April (a.k.a. "Earth Month") I decided to test-run a whole bunch of eco-friendly, all-natural products. I spotlighted a few of my favorites on my IG stories, but now it's mid-May and I've had more time to play around with them...and there are a few that ended up being so great that I needed to write about them here.

For posterity, you know.

Makeup & Beauty

Reader Question: The Perfect Shade Of Pink

the best pinky nude lipsticks for all skin tones

I have been on a lifelong hunt for the perfect pinky-nude* lipstick: one that's natural-looking but still makes you look all polished and put-together, and also completely non-gloppy and non-sticky, because I enjoy my lipstick on my lips, not on my hair. AND I HAVE FOUND IT. (I have found several, in fact.)

Makeup & Beauty

Just Like Mama

This post was created in collaboration with Eucerin Baby. The content and opinions expressed are my own.

My children inherited a lot of nice things from me. My son has my oversized smile, which makes me happy, and my daughter has my…oh, let’s just call it my “passion” (for many things, but mostly for getting my way). One not-so-nice thing they both appear to have inherited: my alligator skin, which I’ve been moaning about on RG for years and years.

My son’s dryness always seemed tied to the weather - during the dry winter months, his cheeks developed bright-red, flaky patches that only seemed to finally disappear for good once we moved to California - but my daughter is more like me, in that the dryness is all over her body, and while it’s worse during the winter, it’s really there all the time. I’ve even started to notice signs of eczema on her calves and the backs of her arms.

Just A Little Encouragement

So Here’s the Truth About Rogaine (For Women)

What you see above are the results of my regrowth over the past few months. (Gorgeous, I know. But also AMAZING.)

Win a year’s supply of Rogaine for Women - and a few more of my favorite things - by scrolling to the bottom of this post. There are lots of ways to enter!

Back in the spring, when Rogaine first asked me if I’d be interested in working with them, I was a little hesitant. Not because the thinning hair that I’d been dealing with for several years didn’t bother me - oh my god, did it ever; I hated seeing photographs of my head from certain angles because they made me look like that guy in Tales From the Crypt - but because I was embarrassed. Talking publicly about the fact that I was losing one of the main things that many people (myself included, I suppose) associate with youth and femininity wasn’t something I was particularly excited to do.

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