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Eight (Truly Phenomenal) Spot Treatment Suggestions For The Acne-Ridden

If only it were possible to flounce from one's own face. 

Remember my little skin issue? No, not the potentially-worm-related one (which is apparently something called "granuloma" that is only a big deal if you care about having feet that don't look like your grandfather's); the Trump-related one, a.k.a. the one that demonstrated that the state of my pores correlates precisely with the state of our country.

It's still happening (I was treating it before I left for Ohio, but a week of using hotel room soap because I forgot my own seems to have set me back). I had my dermatologist look at a little spot on my nose that was concerning me, and she had trouble understanding which spot she was looking at because - and I quote - "there are so many spots that it's hard to tell what's what."


No Secrets

I only look like a human being in that photo because of this stuff.

I am very, very bad at hiding things from people. If I’m embarrassed, my face helpfully alerts everyone around me to that fact by turning a lovely shade I call “deep eggplant.” If I’m annoyed, you know I’m annoyed because I sound annoyed, even if I say that I'm not annoyed (sorry, Kendrick). And if I’m excited, I am the very worst person in the world at playing it cool; my cartwheels are much better than my poker face.

If I’m stressed or upset, though – as I have been these past couple of weeks – do you know what happens? My entire body falls apart. My face somehow becomes simultaneously oilier and drier (whee!). I break out like a teenager. My hands (or, more precisely, my cuticles) require daily vigilance so as not to frighten casual bystanders. All this falling-apart, of course, makes me feel even worse, when I was already feeling bad to begin with.


The New Classics

When it comes to makeup, I'm not the most experimental person on the planet. I have my moments - like, say, when a babysitter arrives early and I can actually sift through my makeup bag as opposed to grab at things on autopilot. And sure, once in awhile I'll break out a silver liquid eyeliner or some neon eyeshadow...but mostly (like most women), I've got my routine, and tend to order the same products over and over and over.

They are these:

  • MAC Studio Fix Powder-Plus-Foundation. I have used this product to even my skin tone (no need for concealer or foundation or anything else) for YEARS. I have no idea whether it's because it's great or because I know my color (C3) and just reordering it online whenever I run out means I don't have to stand in a department store being swabbed by a makeup artist insisting that my undertones are chartreuse. I don't care what my undertones are. I just want my Studio Fix, 'kay?
  • Sephora Liquid Eyeliner. I started buying this product because it had the exact kind of brush I like (super thin and flexible) and because it was about nine bucks at the time. Spoiler: it is no longer nine bucks. But I still buy it and use it every day.
  • Lip Balm. I've been on a no-lipstick kick for...I dunno, maybe a couple of years now? I don't really care what kind of lip balm I use (although this one is my favorite), so long as I always have some close by, because OY do my lips get dry fast.

Other products I use every single day (or at least every single day I put on makeup, which, as it turns out, is no longer every single day): brown eyebrow powder, a NARS eyeshadow palette, and mascara (if I don't have eyelash extensions at the moment).