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The Beauty Sample Box You Have To Try

You know the little “gift-with-purchase” sample bags that sometimes get when you spend X amount of money at department stores? The Tili (“Try It; Love It”) box is sort of like those…except better in virtually ever way. I did not expect this to be as good as it is – and certainly not for $22 (plus $3 shipping, but still: !!!). The only explanation for the price of the Tili box is that QVC is so confident that new customers are going to love the products that they’re willing to offer a confusingly great bargain as an introduction.

Want $5 off your first purchase at QVC (including the Tili box)? Use code FIVE4U at checkout.


Boss Life

bonnie reid berkow and granddaughter

For the entirety of my childhood – up through and including my teenage years – I used Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil. When I was a kid it was just what we had sitting by the tub, but by the time I was a teenager I actively sought it out: It had taken on an air of nostalgic simplicity and made me feel both elegant and a touch retro, even though I wasn’t sure exactly why.

And now I do.


Eight (Truly Phenomenal) Spot Treatment Suggestions For The Acne-Ridden

If only it were possible to flounce from one's own face. 

Remember my little skin issue? No, not the potentially-worm-related one (which is apparently something called "granuloma" that is only a big deal if you care about having feet that don't look like your grandfather's); the Trump-related one, a.k.a. the one that demonstrated that the state of my pores correlates precisely with the state of our country.

It's still happening (I was treating it before I left for Ohio, but a week of using hotel room soap because I forgot my own seems to have set me back). I had my dermatologist look at a little spot on my nose that was concerning me, and she had trouble understanding which spot she was looking at because - and I quote - "there are so many spots that it's hard to tell what's what."