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While You Were Sleeping

Among my children’s less-than-lovely qualities: they treat breakfast time as if they are sitting in a diner with a thirty-page menu, and I am their chef, server, and dishwasher (who is, of course, also tasked with getting them dressed and washed and brushed and out the door by 8:35 on the dot with whatever toy absolutely must be carried to school and then carried back home with me, because toys aren't allowed in school but no one seems to have internalized that fact).

One of them would like triple-berry pancakes with a side of bacon (extra crispy), and for the other only house-baked muffins and hand-churned cream will do (if you could just zest that fresh lemon real quick it'd be much appreciated, mama). And all of these things must be on the table right. Now. (I am kidding, obviously, but only a little. Seriously, they are SO SPECIFIC.)

I can't do it. NO ONE could do it.


It Took A Few Decades, But I (Finally) Tried Falafel

comparison of different meal preparation delivery services

Pictured: Noritake Dinnerware (click here for my curated collection)

I'm not a person who eats falafel. Which is weird, because I'm also a person who grew up in New York City, and falafel is definitely among the most consumed foodstuffs (foodstuffs!) within the five boroughs. I've never eaten falafel mostly because I'm not entirely certain what it is, apart from having a vague notion that it is spicy (do not like) and involves pita bread (which, you know: meh). Also chickpeas, to me, are really just a thing that makes salads look sadder, and my only serious interaction with them involved my ex-boyfriend eating a whole bunch, turning into a chipmunk, and almost dying (true story).

So what I've always understood falafel to be is, in a nutshell, "Pita Filled With Spicy Things That Might Make You Die." My desire to learn more has always sort of stopped at that point.


Hello, Gorgeous

This is cereal that tastes (and looks) like a s'more.

While I was in LA, four boxes the approximate size of small vehicles arrived on Francesca's doorstep. They were filled with cereal - specifically Post's new cereals, OREO® O’s, HONEY MAID® S’mores, NUTTER BUTTER®, and CHIPS AHOY!®, which I was taste-testing and photographing for a sponsored Instagram. (This post, despite all those legally-required ® symbols -  is not part of any campaign; it is organic content in the very purest of ways, as in I want to eat and look at and think about and roll around in these cereals every day, all of the time.)

Francesca was far less excited about the boxes than I was.