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A love of all things sparkly appears to have been coded into my daughter’s genetic material, because I own nary a sequin, and yet she must own allllll the glittery things. Would she like to be a sparkle unicorn? Yes. A sparkle mermaid? Yes. A rainbow unicorn butterfly mermaid princess superhero sparkleperson? With sparkles?! 


So. As you might be able to imagine, having her decide which of iSparkle’s Little Princess Dreambox collections she’d like to try out was quite the ordeal. How the Dreamboxes work: your child gets to choose her favorite dress style and color, and it’ll arrive in a keepsake glitter box along with a matching heart tiara and glitter locket, as well as a book featuring her favorite of the six characters - Sparkle, Rainbow, Butterfly, Unicorn, Mermaid, and Superhero. And the Dreamboxes themselves are sturdy and adorable, so they can be used to store little treasures and such.  


You Need To Know About Lorena Canals’ Washable (!) Rugs

Relevant to yesterday's post, here is yet another example of why women (and moms, specifically) are set to just go ahead and run the world: Because we come up with genius inventions not just "because" (or just because our egos need a little stroking; ahem, Elon Musk, love you but dude, the "kid-sized" submarine?)...but because they are needed. 

You've heard me whine and whine and whine here for yearrrrrs about my simultaneous love of throw rugs and total rug-related phobias and/or catastrophes. I love the way rugs look; I love the way rugs feel. I do not love that they specialize in attracting dogs that want to pee on them and babies that want to throw up on them, because any rug that lives in my house must be pristine, or the aforementioned phobias come out and I have to sidestep around its borders like a weirdo.

I've bought cowhide rugs. Tossed them. Fluffy rugs. Sacrificed them on the altar of Virgil. Gorgeous woven rugs. Moved them to a "cleaner" spot, then to another, and then gave them away. And now I've landed on a semipermanent solution, using outdoor rugs indoors...except a) that seems wasteful, given that I have to replace them once a season, and b) that still does not solve my sidestepping-around-the-borders-after-a-pee-speck-touches-them problem.

My Looks

Mommy and Me (And a Fun Little Friendship Origin Story)

Dresses from the Stripes Boutique Mommy and Me Shop

I'm not ordinarily a "mommy-and-me" outfit-type person. I mean OK, my daughter and I have matching pom-pom shoes...but come on: when matching pom-pom shoes exist, buying and then wearing them (at the same time) is clearly non-optional.

So when my friend Elise told me she wanted us to model some of the mommy-and-me dresses she'd designed for her label, Stripes, my answer was "...Eh, I don't know."



This girl though. (Dress | Shoes)

The bulk of my daughter's wardrobe consists of her brother's hand-me-downs - because of the money/effort-saving thing, but also because I've always loved how she looks in his old stuff - but of course I do occasionally come across a flouncy, girly dress or pair of shoes that I can't resist. The problem with "special clothing" for kids, though, is that kids have a tendency to ruin it. Immediately. So I did what I suppose most parents do with their children's nicer clothing: I reserved it for special occasions.

Except there was this one dress - a red corduroy dress that my mother-in-law gave her that was meant to be her Christmas dress. But the first Christmas she had it, it was too big for her, so I figured I'd save it for the next Christmas and not have her wear it in the meantime so it still felt special...and then the next Christmas it was too small. So now it's in a box in our garage. After that, I began applying the same principle to my kids' clothing as I do to my own: the only way you can be absolutely certain that you won’t mess it something up is to never wear it...and what that means is that it’ll never get worn.


Pretty Much

ramshackle glam kids jordan Reid

This is not the face of someone without a diabolical plan.

In lieu of an actual, information-containing post today - because I have to spend the day working on an insane number of side projects (including logistics surrounding a verrrrrrryyyyy exciting project that I'll be able to formally announce in a week or so - hint: book book book book book), allow me to present to you a series of outtakes from the holiday gift guide shoot I did with Kim Ebbets last night.

Just trust me and scroll down slowly. It's so good.

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