Why I Had A Post-Baby Breast Augmentation (A Video Diary)

A breast augmentation after breastfeeding children

I expected my breasts to change after breastfeeding two children, but I didn't expect them to change quite as much as they did. Going from a C to a G to a god-knows-what-I-was-when-my-milk-came-in and back down to a B twice in three years apparently does a bit of a number on you, and when everything finally "settled," as it were, it settled down (...ha?).

But it wasn't "what I looked like" that was the problem, exactly - it was how I felt. I mean it when I say that I'm more or less happy with my body - sometimes I love it, sometimes I wish some things about it looked a little different, just like anyone. It hasn't always been this way - I've written here and there about the anorexia I suffered from when I was in my early twenties (and will write about it more one day, when I can) - and trust me: after that experience I'm well aware of what it feels like to hate your body.

I don't hate my body. I don't hate my breasts, either. But after having two children, and having them go through such dramatic changes, they ended up virtually unrecognizable to me; they barely even felt like mine. I had no sense of them as a part of my body, and certainly didn't connect them to my sense of sexual identity.



Mother and daughter laughing in black and white

Let me tell you about the moment when I realized that even though my work is incredibly important to me, I need more separation, and I need to be able to shut off sometimes - not just in a half-assed way (where I'm technically playing with my kids but 60% of my brain is devoted to the email I need to remember to send by the end of the day), but all the way.

And I need to do this on purpose, because it doesn't come naturally.

This realization has happened to various degrees many times over the years, but it really happened - like, can't-get-it-out-of-my-head-happened - a little less than a year ago, when I was visiting a Children's Science Museum with Indy and Goldie. They were playing with this massive model of hills and trees and buffalos, and I was half-watching them play and half-checking my text messages because even though I'd taken the afternoon off I still needed (wanted?) to make sure everything was cool work-wise, and suddenly I looked up and realized how photogenic and symmetrical the background was and how great the colors were, and thought, oh hey - I should Instagram this! It's cute! And symmetrical! And those colors!


Just A Pixel In The Picture

Jordan Reid and her husband Kendrick Strauch

For a long time - longer than I wanted to admit, and certainly longer than felt "okay" - Kendrick and I were not getting along.

I wrote about it in this post, back in January '15, at a point when I thought we were on the way up towards a place where we'd be better - back to the couple I know we are, or at least want us to be - but it took much, much longer than that.

I've gotten emails from a few readers, and a few comments here and there - "I've noticed you haven't been writing much personal stuff; are you okay?" - and the answer is...well first, damn you guys are observant. And second: no, I wasn't okay, and part of why I wasn't okay was because I was trying to - to some extent, anyway - pretend that I was, because while I write about my life on this site, there are some things that are too upsetting to present for public consumption, like my fear that my marriage wasn’t everything I wanted it to be.


Photos Of Flowers (And Being Gentle With Yourself)

Oversized pom pom Smile hat for toddlers from the Gap

Grey Knit Hat (for women) | Smile Hat (for kids)

I was playing around with lighting and props for a shoot I have coming up, and took these test photos, and...I don't know, I just thought they came out well, so I wanted to show them to you. Sometimes it's nice to just look at a pretty photograph of flowers and pom poms.

On my drive down to LA, I started listening to a podcast - Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons, in which she discusses the process of exploring (and hopefully unleashing) your creativity. (I'm aware that this does not appear to have anything at all to do with the aforementioned flowers and hats, but bear with me, because I do have a point here.)


A Ramble About Insomnia, Because Coffee


First, I would like to announce that I am at this very moment sitting in heaven. It's a place called Whimsy located a few towns over from me, and it's a half-cafe half-play space where you can hang out and drink coffee and use the free WiFi while your children get their organic toy on (in Northern California, apparently, toys are not toys unless they are Melissa & Doug toys). Your children are watched by a bunch of lovely young women who will come get you if they need something, but basically:

You are alone. In relative silence. With coffee.

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