Just A Little Encouragement


Work It Out

Q. Jordan,

How do you handle childcare for your son and working from home? I am expecting my first child, and own my own business. I have a home office but spend about 15-20 hours a week out and about meeting clients. Also, when I'm working from home, I actually need to work, of course.

I'm feeling like I will need full-time childcare in order to get everything done but also feel like there should be some benefit to owning my own business/working from home that I could get away with less. I'd love to hear how you balance things?



Career Confusion And Getting It Done

Q. Hi Jordan:

You've alluded several times to the fact that career time in your 20s was about figuring out what you wanted to do, not necessarily...doing it. My twenties are shaping up to be a complicated mess...and I'm wondering if you could help.

My original goal was to be a writer, but a few jobs into the media world I began to question this choice. I gave up writing to go back to school, and now I'm feeling like I never should have done so. Simply stated: I feel like I was put on this planet to write, but I have no earthly clue how to go about doing this.


How To Move On From The Past When It’s Right There In Front Of You

Q. Dear Jordan,

I have a question that I feel like you might be able to relate to.

I fell in love with [a famous musician]. Without going into telling details, I helped shape his now incredibly successful and lucrative career. 

We've lost touch and he's only gotten more successful. He has children now, and I am a relatively new mother. Mutual friends keep me informed of the goings-on but it only takes the laziest of Google searches to see that he's still traveling the world and making music.

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