It’s almost Christmas. I can’t help it.

If you haven’t seen this video of Christian the lion reuniting with the two men who raised him and later set him free in Africa, you must watch it (tissues at the ready).


I got pretty bored while Kendrick sat bleeding in the emergency room, so I decided to mosey on over to the Gap to peruse the wares.

Kidding! What kind of wife do you think I am? This picture was taken right after brunch, when we headed over to the Third Avenue Gap for a little shopping (Julia mentioned to me that she saw a few things on her recent trip that she thought I’d love). See? That’s my healthy (albeit slightly irritated) husband in the background, patiently holding my scarf and jacket and staring out into space while I take iPhone photos in the mirror (it’s for reasons like this that I am constantly cooking him delicious dinners). 

Is it bad that I want this coat desperately, even though it reminds me of my second-grade teacher, Mrs. Firestone? It’s cozy, and warmer than just about anything I own, and only $64, and I love it…I don’t care what you think. No, I do. What do you think?!

P.S. I bought the hat, obviously.



You cannot help but love this song. And this video. How gorgeous is she?

I met the Noisettes backstage at a Harlem Shakes show last year, and was absolutely floored by Shingai Shoniwa (the lead singer and bassist), who is one of the friendliest, loveliest, most down-to-earth people around…and when you call someone you met backstage at a concert in Brooklyn “friendly” and “down-to-earth,” that’s really saying something.

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