Gratuitous Ultimate Beach Babe Photo

One of my posts from yesterday's stint at The Gloss:

Yup, this would be how you do summer beauty. The best part? To get this look, all you need to do is mosey on over to your local Rite Aid to purchase three simple products:

1. Liquid eyeliner (go for waterproof unless you have a makeup team on standby);


3 Reasons You Still Need A Business Card

Via Composure Marketing, 3 Reasons You Still Need A Business Card.

"In light of this digital age, people are asking “Should I still have a business card?” The changes in new media have people using digital business cards and connecting through wireless phone applications, but there many reasons to still use business cards to exchange information..."

Read the rest HERE; interesting stuff.

(My business cards are pictured above: design by Marivi,

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