Riddle Me This…

A question for you:

I've been defrosting the lobster meat that my mom brought me from Canada in the refrigerator since yesterday afternoon, but as of this evening it was still frozen in the center (rrr...9:30PM is getting on towards no-longer-dinnertime in my world). So I put it in an ice bath, as I frequently do with stubbornly-frozen chicken breasts, but cigar.

I did a bit of Google research and learned that the defrosting process works even faster if you place the lobster in an ice bath and then pour a steady stream of cold water over it, so that's what I'm doing now...and it seems to be working.

So my question: Why does the cold-water-stream move things along?


What I Wouldn’t Give To Meet This Man

"I was working a lunch counter on Columbus Avenue. It was a 'transitional' phase in my career, meaning I was transitioning from heroin to crack, and I was wearing a snap-front, white polyester dishwasher shirt with the name of the linen service over the left breast pocket, and dirty blue jeans. I was cooking pancakes. And eggs fucking Benedict - the English muffins toasted under the salamander on one side only, half-assed, 'cause I just didn't care...I could make any kind of omelet with the fillings available, and the people who sat at my counter and placed their orders looked right through me. Which was good, because if they really saw me, really looked into my eyes, they'd see a guy who - every time somebody ordered a waffle - wanted nothing more than to reach forward, grab them by the hair, and drag a dirty and not particularly sharp knife across their throat before pressing their face into the completely fucked-up, always-sticky waffle iron. If the fucking thing worked anywhere near as inefficiently as it did with waffles, their face would later have to be pried off with a butter knife."

- Anthony Bourdain, Medium Raw


Tuleste Anklet Giveaway!

Excellent news to start your day! Tuleste Market - one of my favorite jewelry companies, and the makers of the bangles that I wear pretty much every day of my life - has offered to give one lucky RG reader one of their classic rosette anklets (in rose gold, retail value approx. $95).

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