Easy (And Incredible) Lemon Curd

I have never come across a lemon curd recipe that I have not wanted to consume in massive, even inadvisable quantities. Even the kind of lemon curd that they use as filling in those little pies you can get at the deli for 99 cents forces me to make weird-ecstatic faces while I eat it (I tend to try to eat these pies in private).

That said, this particular lemon curd recipe, whipped up by Mollie and eaten almost entirely by yours truly, is ridiculous. It's the perfect combination of sweet and tart, and while we included a couple of suggestions for how to serve it below...honesty, you should probably just eat it straight from the jar. That's what I did, and I just have to say: it was a hell of a good decision on my part.


It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like…

I always have a little trouble accessing my Christmas Spirit. It was easier when I lived in New York City, I think, because I was always out in the world, wandering through subway stations filled with shoppers and down streets past Santa after Santa. I actually left the house at night, and saw Christmas lights everywhere I turned.

Leaving the house after dark isn’t a thing I do very often these days; once we get back from our afternoon activity and start dinner, that’s usually it for me. And it’s for a good reason: there is literally nowhere in the world I’d rather be than in my own living room (which is usually the case, but especially at this time of year). We’ve been decorating, and cooking, and lighting a fire every single night, and watching Christmas movies and making forts and baking cookies. And with each night that passes, I get just a little bit more into that lovely-but-elusive holiday state of mind.

Did I mention that my efforts to make our home feel all Christmassy are also resulting in considerable cookie consumption? Oh my goodness so many cookies. The problem, of course, is that one type of cookie just won’t do: we have to make sugar cookies so that they can be decorated, and we have to make chocolate chip cookies because obviously, and we have to make Santa’s Favorite Cookies because even though Santa may not technically be on his way yet, practice makes perfect, right?


Under The Sea

how to make a fondant octopus

Hey there buddy.

OK sooooo this weekend was a bit of an emotional hailstorm, between my daughter's second birthday and my son's first day of school today. Not a "bad" hailstorm, per se...just, you know: feelings. Like, all of them. (Evidence is presently over on my Snapchat @ramshackleglam.)

So while I have bazillions of photos to show you and tons of things I want to write about, let's keep it light today. It's Monday. Nobody needs any more feelings on a Monday; they need OCTOPUS CAKE. (I'm going to officially call this the Under The Sea Cake, because that sounds prettier, but excuse me did you see that octopus? He's adorable, and I think he should probably make an appearance on every cake I make forever and always.)

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