8 Easy, Freeze-able Soups For Cozy Evenings At Home

Time to get cozy

Yesterday, while I was journeying back into the country with my parents, my wonderful friend went to the store to pick up some basics for the kids and me (I'm self-quarantining for 14 days because I just flew internationally, so am hoping to avoid grocery stores for the duration). Alas, those basics were - as you know - in ludicrously short supply.

Milk? Nope - but there was one lonely container of chocolate milk! And now it is mine.


The Very Best Instant Pot Lentil Soup, Because I Said So

I would not consider myself a "soup person." Soup seems to me like a thing you let someone else order and then take a sip of, while you go ahead and eat the steak that you very smartly ordered instead. But last week I got a completely random craving for lentil soup, and made it...and have since made it three times - the last time for Francesca, who thought she was getting sick, and then didn't, because in addition to being unbelievably delicious this soup is also a miracle potion with magical curative powers.

You should make it.

What You Need:


An Instant Pot Trial By Fire

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I have been dying for an Instant Pot. But only because everyone on the Internets told me I should be dying for an Instant Pot; I didn't even know what these things do, exactly. Aren't they just...crockpots? ...Sort of?

Apparently Instant Pots cook meals in a fraction of the time you'd expect...but, as I completely do not understand the science behind pressure-cooking, it is very hard for me to believe that a meal that should ordinarily take eight hours to cook can take half an hour. That's some magic shit right there.


It’s A Very Ramshackle Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving weekend, I shall be moving. I shall not, therefore, be hosting anything other than the dust bunnies that have apparently been living underneath my couch all this time.

I will, however, be making - and eating beaucoup quantities of - turkey, because my friend Margo and I have decided to do Thanksgiving together (at her place, obviously). Kendrick and the kids are coming, and I'm so excited - I just want a day of eating and football games playing in the background and skateboarding in the driveway and family.

It will be a very Ramshackle Thanksgiving. And I mean that in the best possible way. Cheers to breaking the rules, making it work, and finding joy in the moment.

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