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I Totally Made A Table

OK, so here's how this small miracle happened. First, I bought a kitchen island. Then the kitchen island arrived and I didn't like it, and it also didn't function the way I needed it to (meaning as a sort of counter/bar), because I had neglected to notice that there was a piece of metal right there in the spot where a person's legs were theoretically supposed to go.

So I looked everywhere online, and everything I found was either not my style or too expensive or too clunky or too something, until I happened upon a Pinterest photo of an Urban Outfitters counter-height table with legs that looked like plumbing pipes. It was about $80, and exactly what I wanted. It was also not available anywhere on the Internet at all, except for via one Etsy vendor who was pretending that it was vintage (it is not) and selling it for around $400. Nope.

Then I looked at the picture of the table more closely, and realized that the legs that "looked like plumbing pipes" were pipes. Like, the kind that you can get at a hardware store. I started thinking that I might like to try making something like that myself, but couldn't figure out what to do for a tabletop...until I remembered that several months ago my friend Alisa had offered me a gorgeous quartz remnant - white, with sparkles - that I'd declined because I had no idea what I would do with it.


An Ode To My Couches

...It happened again.

If you've been reading Ramshackle Glam for awhile now, you may have noticed that I have what could be called a "mild couch fixation" (or, as Kendrick refers to it, "Jesus, Jordan, what's wrong with the couch we already have?!")

(Oh, hush.)


A Little (More) Help Over Here, Please?

I would like my table to look like this, please. 

I'm on a big redecorating kick, as you might be able to tell. First there was the exterior makeover, and then the kitchen makeover, and then the backyard makeover, and then there was the kitchen island/bar addition (I'm STILL waiting on barstools for this, and will definitely post about once I get the stools in, because I ENDED UP MAKING THE BAR MYSELF AND IT'S AWESOME).

And then I decided every single plant in my home needed to be moved to another location, and then I replaced my wood coffee table with a glass one, and then I started getting weird about artfully arranging books on top of it...and now I'm trying to figure out what to do with the console I bought to make the kitchen/dining room not feel horribly unbalanced once the new island/bar thing was in.


Figgy Figgy

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Five years after every other blogger on the planet decided to own a fiddle leaf fig, I decided I wanted to own one, too. (I am nothing if not consistent in my late-to-the-game-ness.)

Remember the kitchen island that I bought? The one I needed your advice on stools for? It arrived, and I put it together...and then I decided that I hated it (too bulky for the space; totally not barstool-friendly thanks to the shelves that I totally neglected to consider; too dark of a tabletop for the room). And sold it. And then I searched online for the kind of table I wanted, couldn't find it, and decided to just go to Lowe's and buy a whole bunch of plumbing pipes and make one myself.


I Bought An Island

(Spoiler: that is not my kitchen up there. That is a kitchen belonging to a person with much, much better hydrangea-cultivating abilities than I will ever have. If you ever see an alive hydrangea in a photograph on this site, please rest assured that I had nothing to do with it.)

When we were house-hunting (both times), the big thing that I really wanted - that I would not compromise on - was one of those kitchens that everyone can hang out in. And to me, that means a kitchen with a center island and a couple of bar stools. Our kitchen is sorta open - at least, it's more open than the kitchen in our last house, which could more accurately have been described as "completely and utterly isolated from the rest of the house and anyone who might be in it." But it's still missing that sort of breakfast-y hangout area that I've always fantasized about.

I can't install a *real* island in the middle of the kitchen because the space (which you can see here, in my kitchen makeover post) is too narrow, and I can't install one off to either side because there are doors in both spots - but one of those doors is a glass slider that doesn't open anyway, so I don't mind having something blocking part of it so long as that thing can be moved.