Look who showed up just in time to snag a glass of champagne! (It’s red because it was mixed with Fragoli Wild Strawberry liqueur.)

That’s outfit #2 - a beautiful black blouse with see-thru panel and red-and-black high-waisted skirt that was a little tough to breathe in, but made me look straight out of Mad Men (I thought so, anyway). 

I bought that eyeball-searing scarf for Kendrick to wear in the photo shoot for the release of Harlem Shakes’ album titled Technicolor Health.


Kendrick had…a little trouble securing the tree topper (that is not his happy face).


While poking around Kendrick’s old bedroom (yes, with his consent), I discovered that my husband was slightly more accomplished than me in high school. I can’t decide if I think this is a) super cool, b) a little intimidating, or c) totally infuriating.

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