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Grimaldi’s / Limelight Marketplace

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It's all very exciting when you do finally get in, and there's a sense of accomplishment that goes nicely with the cured olives on top of your pizza...but you know what I enjoy even more? Eating when I'm hungry. Like, right away. Read More »

Ramshackle Glam / Best Of NYC

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I get a few emails every week from readers who are planning to visit NYC in the near future, and who are looking for some recs for places to shop, eat, and grab a drink. Here's the post I wrote on my top NYC recs last summer, with a few new additions: Read More »

Little Sunday Finds


Did you know that Burlington Coat Factory is a virtual treasure chest of incredibly affordable (mostly under $10) baby clothing? Mom and I headed over there on Sunday to find a gift for my cousin Tina’s 8-month-old and something for my Nanny Ruth (we’re flying to Canada for her 91st birthday in a couple of weeks)…and I left with a ... Read More »

Weekend Snapshots


So in my personal opinion, the three best pizza places in the world are Grimaldi's, Pepe's (in New Haven), and John's Pizzeria (pictured above), our Saturday lunch pick. Read More »

Me: “Go in go in go in goingoingoin….” Houses with basketball hoops in their driveways are a little hard to come by in NYC, but there are affordable or free courts all over the city (a full list is here). According to NY Mag, the best basketball court is Aviator Sports & Recreation in Brooklyn, where $10 gets you court ... Read More »

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