In (Mild) Defense Of Holiday Cards

When I had my first child, I was full of the blissfully ignorant energy of a person who doesn’t realize that sure, she’s not sleeping *now*, but that she also will not be sleeping…



Even when I do not have my children, I awaken at the precise moment that I need to in order to get them to school reasonably on time with a minimal – not, mind you, absent – amount of screaming. It’s fun.

In the beginning, I was that parent who scheduled holiday family photo shoots. I was that parent who was capable of remembering, at some point in November, to collect addresses from friends and family so as to remind them via printed-out evidence that my family exists, and is occasionally able to stand in front of a camera for the hot minute it takes to snap a photo in which none of us look angry/miserable/weird/like we cannot keep our eyes open for one. f-ing. second. (Nobody in my family can keep their eyes open for one f-ing second when confronted with a camera lens.)

I am not that parent anymore.

Now, I am the kind of parent who remembers that the concept of holiday cards exists at 11:30PM in mid-December, when I can do literally nothing that will result in the delivery of adorable holiday cards within an appropriate timeframe. (Thanks, supply chain issues!) I am also the kind of parent who has zero energy to expend on things like holiday cards.

Enter: Paperless Post’s personal design services, which allow you to create a completely one-of-a-kind card in literally moments – no expensive and, let’s face it, kind of awful (what with the screaming children who do not WANT to wear the matching jumpers) photo shoot required.

…Want to see my holiday card this year?! (It’s so cute.)

paperless post personal design services

Here it is. SQUEE. I sent over a few images of my kids, and ta da: A custom watercolor, tweaked so as to make it less obvious that Daddy dressed them that day (sorry, just speaking the truth). I love the ease with which this was created, and extra love the fact that it’s not just a holiday card: It’s a beautiful capture of a beautiful time in our lives.

Check out Paperless Post’s personal design service here – you can request anything from a bespoke design to a custom line drawing – and please DM me your creations at @ramshackleglam on IG; I’d so love to see them!

This post was created in collaboration with Paperless Post. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep RG ticking!

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