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I’ve always been intimidated by the idea of contouring, but this singlehandedly transformed my daily makeup routine. I have cheekbones now! (Use code JORDAN15 at checkout for a discount.)

Speaking of contouring: this Charlotte Tilbury product is great.

This, for the very spoiled kitty cats in your life.

As a former tiny-apartment-dweller, I love these ideas. (These Are the Best Living Room Layout Ideas for 2021, via Apartment Therapy.)

So marshmallow slides are apparently a thing.

Love this fun, retro kitchen vibe. (My White-and-Wood Kitchen Cabinets from the ’90s Are Actually Great, via Apartment Therapy.)

Is it weird to actively covet a litter box? (Don’t answer that.) (8 Stylish Litter Boxes, via Architectural Digest.)

I would like to fill my house with these. (This Pink Plant Is So Sought After, Its Cuttings Sell for $100, via Apartment Therapy.)

All of a sudden, menstruation isn’t just an acceptable topic of conversation – it’s an entire industry. (The Period Revolution, via Bazaar.)

Related: You need to try a menstrual cup.

via nona beaded ring

OBSESSED with these rings. (I ordered the pinky ring pictured above – you can request any size/colors you want.)

Omg omg omg, I have found my next project. (Ball of Wool Cake Wins Competition, via Katzenworld.)

An excellent recap of the #FreeBritney movement. (Saving Britney Spears, via LA Times.)

Meet the “truly honest mirror.”

Meet the perfect one-piece swimsuit (in red, please).

Consider me influenced. (The Secret to Aging with Style, via Sunday Times.)

Absolutely adore these nostalgic shades. (Farrow & Ball Reveals Its Color Trends for 2022, via Architectural Digest.)

Cue the travel lust. (The 26 Most Beautiful Towns in America, via Conde Nast Traveler.)

Apparently this is the most delicious pasta dish in the world? (The Grandma’s Pasta Salad Reddit is Obsessed With, via Kitchn.)

Just the cutest space ever. (Peek Inside An Atlanta Designer’s Repurposed Garden Shed, via Southern Living.)

When the 12 Steps don’t work…what’s left? (The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous, via The Atlantic.)

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