Cutback Coach: An App For Mindful Drinking


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Awhile back I wrote about Pandemic Habits, and how (surprise!) I developed a few less-than-great ones of my own. Something about the whole what is life/weekends don’t exist anymore/crushing depression that must be escaped deal.

Anyway, one thing I noticed was that I was drinking more than made sense for the aforementioned reasons. My therapist told me about something called “mindful drinking,” which led me to some Internet research, which led me to an app called Cutback Coach – and yes, yes, yes.

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The app’s not about *not* drinking – so it’s not going to yell about you, which is nice. It’s rather about noticing when and why and how much you’re drinking, so you can build intentionality around it (the same way you might track your steps, so you’re more aware of your habits and can set goals). I was blown. away. by the difference it made almost immediately, and reached out to the founders because I was just that impressed, and wanted to work with them (hence the above video).

Oh. And if you need more incentive to start drinking mindfully (besides, ya know, health and better sleep and all the other stuff): The app also tracks how you how much you’ve saved in terms of calories and money by cutting down even a little. And encourages you to buy yourself congratulatory presents with some of those savings.


(I bought these.)

TL;DR: Trust me on this one and try it for one month, and then (please?!) report back, because I have a feeling you’ll be blown away too.

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