For All The Moms

Giving away 3 copies over on IG today! (Or you can buy it here.)

Are you a mom? Do you have a mom? Do you also love procrastinating? I have gift ideas for you (or for you to forward to the appropriate people) – and all of them can be delivered by Mother’s Day if you order now-ish.



Dried Pampas Grass Bunch ($50)

I am in LOVE with dried pampas grass and have bunches all over my house. I dry my own because I am fortunate enough to have a field of wild pampas grass growing near my house, but if you don’t have your own field: Internet to the rescue! Pair it with a simple, tall vase for maximum effect.


Kerri Wilder Rainbow Quartz Necklace

I’m doing a feature on Kerri Wilder’s House Jewelry (it’s a thing!) soon because I’m completely obsessed with the whole concept, but in the meantime: This necklace is stunning. The designer is a local artisan so I got to see her pieces in person, and the colors of this stone are full-on magical.


The Big Activity Book for Anxious People

How’s Mom doing after a full year of lockdowns and homeschooling?

…I’ll answer that one for you. “Poorly.”

This book will make everything better (or at least funnier).

P.S. These slippers are also a phenomenal gift – I wear them religiously.


Monrow Tie-Dye Fleece Sweatpants

Because we all know none of us are ever wearing anything else again.


Oversize Alligator Hair Clips

Random, I know, but I just ordered these and now I don’t know what I ever did without them. They’re inexpensive, adorable, and useful. Win.


Seriously WTF Is Wrong With Men

…It’s a good question.


Heather Gardner Jewelry Single Horn Hoop Earring

I love a good asymmetrical ear. (These earrings are also sold as a pair if you do not.)


...Apple Watch Jewelry?

I did not know this was a thing. But: cute!

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