Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Single Mom (Still in Quar)

Hi, Olivia here! Every year I curate a special gift guide for Ramshackle Glam and when Jordan and I were brainstorming this year’s topic, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. (Here’s last year’s guide for the work at home mom.)

Know what’s more fun than living through a pandemic? Also going through a divorce during said pandemic! And by fun, I mean, it’s not fun at all and is emotionally draining to the core of your soul. Happy Holidays!

If you have a friend or sister in your life doing the parenting thing on her own, it’s high time to pamper the hell out of her – from a safe distance, of course. Below are my picks for the perfect little gifts for the divorced mama in your life.

Spoiler alert: most of these gifts are ideal for any woman, but I can tell you as someone on the receiving end of some of these gifts, it means the world when a friend sends a special holiday gift, because Santa doesn’t leave presents under the tree for single moms. Be your own Santa this year and gift yourself or a friend with something cozy, a little glam, and a lot of love.



Cheese Platter

Two words: cheese platter. Woman-owned Harbor Cheese and Provisions is a New York based cheese shop that ships gorgeous and delicious cheese platters nationwide. They also offer private Zoom cheeseboard building classes so you can have a girls night coast to coast! Treat your best mom friend with a night in and lots of fancy cheese.


momAgenda Planners

Real talk: can a day planner be sexy? We’re going to go with YES when it comes to the momAgenda planners. Created by a mom of 4, these planners feature enough space for up to 4 kids AND A MOM. That’s right: go ahead and schedule your OWN stuff in these babies.


onecklace Vertical Double Bar Necklace

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and personalized piece of jewelry, I’m a huge fan of onecklace, which has literally hundreds and hundreds of designs and styles to personalize. I love these bar necklaces and had one made with each of my boys’ names on it.


The Big Activity Book for Divorced People

If you’re going to gift a divorced mom with one present this year, it’s this one. The Big Activity Book for Divorced People is available for pre-order (coming in June), so I suggest pre-ordering the book and sending some wine too!


Bobeau Clothing

My daily uniform is jeggings and a t-shirt, so I fell in LOVE with the Bobeau tops, as they add a little pizzaz to my normal WAHM wardrobe. They’re the perfect staple for the work on top, pajama pant on the bottom Zoom look. I have the one pictured and it’s ideal for all seasons and is cut to make you feel like you actually have a body.


Verloop Slippers

Ever since I tried the Verloop slippers for the RG gift guide 3 years ago, I’ve been OBSESSED. I have about 5 pairs around the house at all times. Love these (very Jordan) furry slippers!


SKINEEZ Capri Leggings

I live in leggings. Like, legit. So, I’m a huge fan of these SKINEEZ leggings because they have miracle compression, which not only have a slimming effect, but they also deliver skin-healthy, hydrating and anti-aging ingredients in the fabric of the leggings!


Don't Mess with Mama Sweatshirt

When my divorced was finalized, by dear friend Lisa sent me a little money to buy myself something special, and I bought this Bee and the Fox sweatshirt. It’s the perfect cut, feel, and vibe. I love everything they sell, but when I wear this one, people stop and ask me where I got it from.


Felina Leggings

Yes, another pair of leggings. Sue me. However, these Felina Leggings are legit butter soft and so comfy while also keeping everything in place and are not see-through!


Figleaves Robe

I was not a robe person until this robe came along and changed my life. This Fig Leaves robe is GORGEOUS and also super soft and comfy.


Marco Polo Plus

I’m not kidding when I say the only way I’ve gotten through the last year (and more) was by connecting with my friends on Marco Polo. I wake up with my friends, chat all day, and know they’re there when I need them. Gift your mom bff with a Marco Polo Plus account so you can stay connected always.


Intuition Coaching

If you truly don’t know what to get your friend/sister/woman in your life this year – or if you have a friend who doesn’t want STUFF, gift her with something even more special: a coaching session with an intuition coach (especially if she’s been through a divorce). Intuitive coach Meg O’Neill helps women achieve clarity and learn to show up for themselves. I currently work with her and in just one session I felt my entire energy shift. As she says, “I’ll be here to hold your trauma as we heal together.” Now, that’s a GIFT if you ask me!

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