5 Phenomenal Buys Under $20

Maybe shopping will make the feelings go away! 

Here’s a sad fact for you: The actual most exciting moment in my day is when I hear the UPS or Amazon Prime delivery dude coming down the street. (Related: Yesterday my daughter whirled around, glared at me, and said “MOM. WHEN WILL THE CORONAVIRUS BE OVER?” …Same, my love. Same.)

Anyway, here are some extremely affordable and truly wonderful purchases that I’ve discovered over the past few weeks (hooray for shopping-related dopamine hits! #whateverworks).

vornado mini desk fan

This fan by Vornado is a tiny little miracle. Our house doesn’t have air conditioning, which would ordinarily be fine because Malibu is super-breezy and quite cool at night, but I have to keep the windows closed to keep the cat in. (Yes, I know: screens. The cat had QUITE the time taking those down the moment we moved in.) Enter: This fan, which is surprisingly powerful considering how small (maybe 6″ in diameter) and inexpensive (currently on sale for $19) it is. It’s also cute and retro-y, making it a nicer addition to your decor than a regular old table fan, and creates the perfect level of sound for sleeping. (I’m dying for this stunning larger style too; one day.)

laneige lip sleeping mask pink

I tried Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask on a recommendation from Jamie Stone, and I absolutely adore the stuff – it’s super-moisturizing and gives the perfect amount of non-sticky shine, plus just the slightest hint of color. I guess it’s *technically* meant to be worn at night, but I see no reason not to wear it all day, as well.

best slouchy sleep socks

Among my many odd phobias: I cannot stand the idea of getting into bed with feet that are even the slightest bit dirty – and when you have floors that are constantly coated with a light layer of sand thanks to your surfing-obsessed kids, sparklingly clean feet are a tall order. I do wash my feet every night before bed, but I also put on a pair of these super-cozy, slouchy “sleep socks” right before getting under the covers, too. They have a great ’80s vibe (I wear them around the house with a pair of shorts most days, too) and come in a bunch of colors – I’m partial to the navy and the orange.

static nails beach bum nail polish

Remember how, for awhile there, I was going on and on about my press-on nails? I still love them, but there is absolutely ZERO need for them in my life at the moment; they don’t exactly vibe with the “exhausted, sweatpanted suburban mom” look I’ve been rocking for the past few months. But since I’m sitting at my computer staring at my hands all day, I’d rather have them not be one more depressing thing on my long, long list of Depressing Things. Turns out Static Nails – who makes my go-to press-ons in normal days – also happens to make phenomenal nail polish that lasts up to 10 days, and I think Beach Bum (pictured above being modeled by my daughter, along with Ballerina) is an absolutely perfect summer shade.

hanes ecosmart fleece hoodie sweatshirt

And finally: You need this hoodie. It looks exactly like the expensive ones I see influencers wearing all over Instagram, except it’s from Hanes and costs as little as SEVEN DOLLARS in some colors, many of which offer matching sweatpants. (Note: This is technically a “men’s” sweatshirt, so size down from what you usually would get. If it’s helpful, I’m 5’6″ and about 130lbs, and I’m wearing a medium here.) It is the actual best sartorial purchase I’ve made in as long as I can remember.

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