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If you buy one thing I recommend in your entire time reading RG, it should really be this chair. It’s so comfortable I literally sleep in it. Like, overnight.

Based on Jamie Stone’s rec, I tried LaNeige’s Lip Sleeping Mask. I was initially skeptical, because isn’t it basically just…lip balm? But it’s WONDERFUL. Absolutely the perfect texture, with zero stickiness or gloppiness, and leaves your lips so soft. I see no reason to only wear it to sleep.

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift, these memoirs sound so lovely. (Six Gift-Worthy Memoirs About – and for – Dads, via LA Times.)

Lunchables FTW. (Are Lunchables Really That Bad? via Mashed.)

I’m a Tito’s girl, myself. (We Asked 10 Drinks Pros: Which Vodka Offers the Best Bang for your Buck? via Vinepair.)

I have a full post planned on Huda Beauty, but in the meantime I absolutely must tell you about their mascara, because it is hands-down the best one I’ve ever used, and makes even my sad little baby lashes look like actual extensions. True story.

This is a shower mat that both scrubs and massages your feet. I would like this please and thank you.

Food52’s cookbook of the month is Jubilee: Recipes from Two Centuries of African American Cooking, and features dishes such as Extra-Light Buttermilk Cornbread, Caribbean Roast Pork, and Louisiana Barbecued Shrimp. #Ordered.

Today in things I’ve never heard of: Apparently you can buy a stainless steel “soap bar” to absorb cooking odors from your hands. Huh!

This beanbag is EIGHT FEET ACROSS. And I want it. (I mean, I also want a bigger house to put it in. But details.)

twisted fabric headband bandanna

I felt very twee and Instagram-y buying this headband, but now I have four in a bunch of different colors. What can I say? They’re fun.

Carole Baskin = ICON. (21 of the best and worst celebrity homes, as seen on Zoom calls, via Mashable.)

Month 4,592 of lockdown got ya tetchy? Try making your very own duck pâté en croûte. (The Hardest Food to Make, via Saveur.)

Relevant to all of our interests during lockdown. (I Ordered 7 of the Chicest Vibrators on the Internet – Here Are My Reviews, via Who What Wear.)

…Now. Right now. (When Should Homeschooling End? via New York Mag.)

Absolutely adore all the pride-inspired nail designs I’m seeing all over Instagram, and this is a fun roundup. (14 Pride-Inspired Nail Art Ideas, via Hello Giggles.)

Ever dreamed of pulling your own Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun? Here you go. (Cinquefrondi: The ‘Covid-Free’ Italian Town Selling $1 Houses, via CNN.)

Here is the sweet, white, ruffly nightgown of your dreams, for just $25. (Technically a dress, but I plan to wear mine to feel all floaty and elegant abed.)

Currently doing this Mother Earth puzzle by Eeboo.

Stop it.

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