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My Skin Renaissance (And Must-Have Products)


This, so you know, is not my skin. My skin is red, and reactive, and the opposite of even. But between the fact that I (finally) caved and started doing an actual, grown-up Skincare Regimen, and the fact that I – like most of you – have spent the past few weeks going almost entirely makeup-free (not to mention Botox-free and eyelash-free), and slathering on oils and potions like it’s a part-time job, because right now it sort of…is.

Which has all added up to the best skin I’ve had in a solid decade. Maybe more, because my 20’s were many things, but “a time of thoughtful self-care” was not one of them.

products to use for skincare during quarantine

Here are the products that I’ve become utterly obsessed with, and think you should consider becoming utterly obsessed with, too:


  • In the morning, I just use cool water, but in the evening I have a two-step washing process that starts with Dove’s Dry Skin Relief. I started using it because the company sent a sample and I had it laying around, but have found that it’s nice and gentle, with a similar texture to my usual go-to favorite, Cetaphil.
  • Every other day, I follow the Dove face wash with Alchimie’s Gentle Refining Scrub. Skin like mine doesn’t do well with anything too harsh, but I find this exfoliant really lovely and mild. (I also really like Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate, but it’s slightly more intense than Alchimie’s.)

products to use for skincare during quarantineproducts to use for skincare during quarantine


  • For a face oil (pre-moisturizer), I’m using Karisma Skincare’s Ultimate Face Oil – it has jojoba (oooh), evening primrose, and frankincense, and is fabulously hydrating – not to mention locally made in Malibu by a woman-owned small business.
  • Francesca recommended I try GlamGlow Bright Eyes – apparently it’s a big cult product. I’ve only used undereye creams sporadically over the years, mostly because I’ve found so many of them drag on the skin, but I’ve been using this religiously, and I’d say the results speak for themselves – my puffiness has gone way down, and I feel like my fine lines have lightened, as well.
  • I’m currently out of The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid, but will be adding that (plus The Ordinary’s Vitamin C Suspension) back into my regimen once they’re restocked – Vitamin C in the morning, and hyaluronic acid at night.


  • I cannot speak more highly of Alchimie Kantic Calming Moisturizer. It is 1000% my favorite moisturizer I have ever used. It has the most perfect texture: It disappears into your skin, cools it down, and leaves zero residue. (I love it so much that I just put myself on their Rewards program, so I’ll get an automatic delivery every two months.) And I usually mix in just a drop of The Ordinary’s Virgin Chia Seed Oil, just because.
  • Another Alchimie product I cannot be without: Their Kantic Brightening Mask. It can be used as a normal mask-mask (apply for 15 minutes, then wash off), but I wear it every night as a last step, and I swear to you: I wake up with skin that is soft like a bebe. It’s one of the best beauty products I’ve ever tried, for reals.


  • Obviously (I say “obviously” as a person who literally never did this myself until maybe six months ago, #doasIsay) SPF every day, regardless of outdoor activities. My absolute favorite sunscreen is California Skin Institute’s, and if you want a little tint with your sun protection you have to try Neova; it’s just about perfect.

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in on IG with your skincare essentials! I’m going to try out a whole bunch of them STAT.

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