Links & Love & Stuff, None Of Which Are About Coronavirus

The most wonderful review of The Big Activity Book for Anxious People EVER. Ever! (You can pick up a copy here.)

Paintillio – the company that makes those amazing custom paint-by-numbers kits I’ve been loving – is offering 30% off and free shipping for their pre-made Mural Artist Series Kits until March 30th. Use code MURALARTIST2020 at checkout.

I’ve been looking for the perfect eye cream for years, and this is it: The texture is great and deeply moisturizing, plus it’s light and cooling.

It’s spring cleaning time! Here’s how to clean your house in the most eco-friendly way possible – and using stuff you probably already have laying around. (The Ultimate Guide to Going Green, via Real Simple.

Best news ever. (Here’s Exactly What Happens When You Stop Wearing a Bra, via Well + Good.)

Here is a story of an elderly cat who is the unofficial mayor of his neighborhood. It will make you happy. (Mr. Sherman, Little Tokyo’s Feline ‘Mayor,’ Keeps Purring Along, via LA Times.)

This is hugely essential information. (All of the Movies Being Released on Demand Instead of in Theaters, via Buzzfeed.)

Taking advantage of the fact that nobody but elementary schoolers are seeing my nails at the moment to give them a break from the press-ons. Perfect Formula’s daily moisture treatment is phenomenal if your nails can also use a little restoration.

Any list that includes Post-It Notes, the Eames fiberglass armchair, and Legos is a list I want to read. (The Greatest Designs of Modern Times, via Fortune Mag.)

I’m not sure I can recommend a jean style called “the wedgie,” but do as you will. (Hold Up…Are Skinny Jeans Out? via Cosmopolitan.)

This, in a nutshell, is why I keep suggesting Storyworth as a gift idea. (‘Now They’re All Gone’: Readers Share What They Wished They Had Asked Their Parents, via WSJ.)

beyond yoga spacedye that's a wrap leggings

You guys recommended Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye leggings, and you were RIGHT. Omg they’re so good (I especially love the “That’s A Wrap” style).

Currently salivating over Anfibio’s 1970s-era sofa bed. I will never be able to afford this, but I can stare at it.

The Farrow fam continues to be my favorite. (Mia Farrow Is Being an Embarrassing Twitter Mom to Ronan Farrow, via Vogue.)

The velvet daybed, swoon. (35 Attractive Things That’ll Help Make Your Home Look Good…Really Good, via Buzzfeed.)

Gypsy rings, lapis lazuli, and rainbow stacks: Spring’s jewelry trends are all my personal favorites, and I cannot wait. A few favorite picks are below. (7 Spring 2020 Jewelry Trends You’re About to Be Obsessed With, via Bustle.)

I just watched this, and it made me want to enroll in film school so I could discuss it with people. (‘The Hunt’ Is Funny, Bloody, Fair & Balanced Exploitation, via Film School Rejects.)

I totally wanted to know how to make the ram-don in Parasite! (New York Steakhouse Recreates Ram-Don From ‘Parasite,’ via Eater.)

I had a few friends from high school who went here, and this article was…illuminating. (Toughen Up, Kid! Vermont’s ‘Mountain School’ Teaches Overprivileged, Overprogrammed Kids To Fend For Themselves, via Town&Country.)

Pinks and fiddle leafs and boob pillows, oh my! (Will the Millennial Aesthetic Ever End? via New York Mag.)

Requests to unscrew half the lightbulbs in a suite, to remove all pens and paper, and to flip a bed so it doesn’t face north. And so much more. (Bizarre Reach-People Secrets I Learned Undercover at Canyon Ranch Spa, via Bloomberg Businessweek.)

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